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I am the luckiest girl in the world.


*sigh* Ironically, the nurse practitioner I was scheduled to see today called in sick. Therefore, it's probably going to be at least 2 weeks before the lymph nodes get examined. At least a week & a half. They hurt soooo bad. And I am anti-pain medication, & in this case, it really wouldn't help anyway (if codeine didn't help, Tylenol ain't gonna!). So the suffering continues.

I am going to try drinking a lot of water, in case there are toxins I can flush out (thanks, chappell). I hate drinking lots of water, though, especially cause it makes me pee every 30 minutes. Gotta do what I gotta do, I guess.

Today is Day Two without cheese. Yesterday I had a bacon sandwich & cereal. So far today, I have had Kashi Go Lean cereal, & will probably attempt an Elvis later...a peanut butter & banana sandwich (hey, if the King liked them...). This is gonna be tricky, since cheese & yogurt were being eaten frequently...

Sheesh....a gas station in CA is selling premium gas for $4.29 a gallon! Regular is $3.19! I am glad I don't live in that city....gee, I am only paying $2.03! Next time you people fill up with around $1.50-1.60 a gallon, think about us out here before you complain about THAT price being high.

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