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I think it's soooo wonderful that Elizabeth Smart was found alive. It's truly a miracle. More often than not, the news is not good when someone has been missing that long. It's truly amazing.

However....does anyone else smell something fishy going on? Witnesses are saying she had ample opportunity to run away, call the cops or her parents, or scream for help...and she did none of that. She seems very happy to be reunited with her family...but why did she stay with this man that long? She was not bound & gagged. She was not handcuffed. So close to her home, how easy would it have been for her to rip off the veil, the wig, & shout, "I'm Elizabeth Smart, someone please help me, call the police!" But she didn't. They say it's possible this man brainwashed her. How can you be THAT brainwashed? I don't mean to negate how fabulous & miraculous it is that she was found alive. But something seems very strange about this story to me....maybe the truth will come out, or maybe we will never know.

But I thank God she's alive, for that family.
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