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I have soooo many thoughts swirling around in my head....no telling which ones will come out here (it's been a while since I have posted....I have a LOT to catch up on!).

Can someone PLEASE tell me why booze is so important to so many people? And PLEASE tell me why it's so freakin' STRANGE to meet someone who DOESN'T drink?

I met this guy, Billy, at the Laser Eye Center. We had our surgery the same day. He was right before me, so we were chatting in the pre-op room, even though we couldn't see each other very well. We chatted some more when we had our follow-up appointment the same day. He's very handsome, & I liked the way he dressed. I wrote down my phone number to give to him, but I went in to see the doctor without seeing him again, so I gave my number to Rebecca to give to him when he came out. She gave it to him. This was back on Feb. 28th. He JUST called me, Saturday. He left me a message, apologizing for taking so long to call me (he was a stunt double for the main actor on a movie that just wrapped, so he was working 15 hour days, & just decided to call me when the movie was done). He called me again today, cause I never got around to calling him back. I finally called him back, got his voice mail, & left a message. I said I was surprised to hear from him, & had assumed he pitched my number in the trash can, since so much time had gone by. He called me back almost immediately, & said, "What, you thought I just pitched your number?" He told me he was going to Detroit (his home town) for 2 weeks, leaving tomorrow. I told him to give me a call when he gets back, & maybe we can get together. I suggested lunch, or dinner, or a smoothie (my drink of choice!). He said, "Or we can get a beer." *sigh* I said, "Actually, I don't drink. With an INCREDULOUS tone, he said, "You don't?" I said no. He said, with an even MORE incredulous tone, "At all????" I said, "Well, I DO drink non-alcoholic beverages." He laughed. He then basically asked me why I don't drink. I think it's more interesting to find out why a person DOES drink. Why do people drink alcohol? To relax? To have fun? To avoid life/problems? All lame reasons, as far as I'm concerned. I don't even buy the oft-mentioned, "I like the taste of beer/mixed drinks/wine/etc." It's not that I don't buy that the person truly does enjoy the taste...but there's TONS of non-alcoholic drinks that everybody enjoys just as much....so if given a choice, why not have your favorite tea or soda, instead of a beer? Back when I drank (I always hate admitting that), I LOVED, LOVED the taste of peach schnapps & fuzzy navels...but I haven't had a drink since about 1992. I loved the flavor...but *I* don't need alcohol. "Well, if I eat Mexican food, I like to have a Corona." Yeah? Water is just fine by me...or lemonade. I just get irritated when people act like I tell them I have 5 nipples when I say I don't drink alcohol. WHY does that make me so strange? So unusual? Cause the world is WAAAAAAY too into drinking, that's why. It's NOT the norm to not drink. It's the norm TO drink. And I don't like that. WHY aren't there more people who DON'T drink? Why am I such an alien here? *sigh*

But anyway....I am willing to give Billy a chance. When I told him my reasons (that I simply don't NEED alcohol, I am on a natural high), he seemed to actually be kinda impressed. Sometimes people react like I am strange. That irks me. Even though I can understand why they'd think that. But he seems like a cool guy. I will have to find out if he does any of the other no-nos...like smoke or do any illegal drugs...but he, at least, didn't SMELL smoky. I just checked my voice mails, & he just left me another message. Apparently, he already had plans tonight, but they got canceled, so he called & asked if I wanted to "chill" tonight. I don't know what he means by that.
I am already pretty settled in for the night. I am not REMOTELY a last-minute type of person. You have to plan with me at LEAST a day in advance. Spontaneous, I am not. I will probably call him....but won't get together with him for 2 weeks, when he gets back from Detroit.

Be prepared for an onslaught of random postings. I need to get my typing fingers back in shape!
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