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My sister dragged me to a gay strip bar last Thursday night, my last night in Florida. Apparently, she goes there a lot with her gay neighbor, Vinnie, & his friend, Jose. So they dragged me along. Yes, it's a gay strip bar, but only TWO of the strippers are gay. And most are pretty hot (I guess they'd have to be).

Well, this was a very surreal experience for me. In Cali, I have seen the Chippendales dancers once...they strip down to a g-string. I have had two stripper parties at my house, & we never saw the goods, if you know what I mean (& for that price, I think we should have!). Apparently, things are different in Florida.

I am talking to my sister across the table from me, in the women's section (women cannot sit on the main floor, even though we have to pay the same entrance fee...and women must be escorted in by a man). I look over at the stripper....and there he is, doing the FULL MONTY. Yep, dancing, penis floppin' everywhere. Yoiks! I sooo was not expecting that, nice of my sister to warn me. OK, we all know I am no prude, but seeing stranger's penises really flusters me. It's just not something I want to see. And Vinnie & Jose & Kathy are all blase about it....like, "Ohmigod, he's got a HUGE penis!" And I could barely look! So that stripper finishes (the strip, not cumming!), & he comes over to us. Remember, these strippers are almost all straight, & my sister & I are the only two women in the joint! This guy's name was Jay. He came over & immediately starting hitting on me. He stuck his tongue down my throat (not for long, since I pulled away), & then took my hand & put it on his hard penis! I took my hand back, thank you. He grabbed it again & AGAIN placed it on his penis. I patted it, like, "Niiiice little penis." (And no, it really wasn't very "little!") So he says in his thick accent (he's Brazilian), "No, stroke it like this," & proceeds to take my hand & SHOW me how to stroke his penis! Ummm, hello, dude...I am pretty much a dick-stroking expert, I don't need to be shown HOW, I just don't want to stroke YOURS! Sheesh! He then came up behind me & stroked my boobs, & whispered in my ear, "You have beautiful breasts, I'd like to stick my dick in between them....wanna go to the private room?" Ummmm...no thanks (not only am I not into that---or him---but I later found out the private room is $200). When Jay realized he wasn't going to get anything off me, he moved on to my sister....after allowing Vinnie & Jose to put many bills ($$$) directly on his penis.

I looked over & there was another penis onstage. THAT guy gets done & comes directly over to us. This guy's name was Tommy, & he was a cutie, nice little body, & not aggressive & sleezy like Jay. He was French-Canadian. Tommy basically hung out with me for the rest of the night, save the 2nd strip he had to do. Poor Tommy was hard the whole time he was with me, so when he did go up for that 2nd strip, he couldn't get it hard. He finally put a cock ring on it, & kept looking over at me for "incentive." Yoiks! That's embarrassing!

Oh my. These strippers would swing on an overhead bar, their dicks just floppin' in the wind. They did all kinds of weird things....dressed weird....stroked themselves...let men stroke them...

My sister & I went to dance on the dance floor at one point. The strippers followed us there. Tommy picked me up & put me up against the wall & kissed me (it wasn't a major kiss, by any means). I had on a shirt that said, "I kiss better than you," & afterwards, he said, "You're right, you do!" He gave me his cellphone number & email address. He told me he was coming to LA to meet with a producer about being on the cover of "Playgirl" magazine. I told him we could meet for lunch when he got out here. Tommy is 21! He told me his last girlfriend was 31. Gee, yay.

He called me on Friday, as we were heading to Miami, & asked me to lunch. Alas, we already had lunch plans.

My sister called me today. She said that Tommy was at a dance club where Vinnie also was. According to Vinnie, Tommy came up to him & asked him for some cocaine...and apparently was on a major mission to find some. Yoiks!

And then there was the owner of the club. He walked past me & winked at me. Later, a manager came up to me, handed me a business card, & said, "The owner wanted me to give you his card & tell you to call him." HUH?!?!?! Does he want me to strip in a female club he owns? Does he want me to star in his next porno? (His card says "Worldwide Entertainment Resources.") Weird! And no, I didn't call.

What a little adventure.
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