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What immaculate timing.

My aunt, uncle, & cousins are out from Alabama this week, staying in San Diego, & I am acting as their tour guide in Hollywood today. I am taking the MetroRail to meet them in Hollywood. They will only be able to reach me via my cellphone, since we have no idea how much traffic they will hit from San Diego to LA at this time of the morning. They need to call me to let me know when they get there, but I will, obviously, already be there.

Sprint shut my phone off this morning due to non-payment. I didn't have the money to pay the bill, but I figured I had a few more days to come up with it. It didn't specify a "turn-off" date. So my aunt tried calling me this morning, & the phone had no service. Now I don't know if/when I will meet up with them. This is extremely frustrating. I'm such a loser.

I'd better get busy doing those sexual favors for money so that I can pay my bill. Any takers? I hear my tongue is pretty talented....
(That's a little inside joke, if you are scratching your head.)
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