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Mister Rogers died. I grew up watching him (that, Electric Company, Zoom, etc.). Rest in peace, Mr. Rogers! You were a good man, & a rare man!

Lynne Thigpin died recently. She was a great actress, most recently on "The District" with Craig T. Nelson (she is the judge in the new Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie, "Anger Management"). I was very surprised to hear that she died. Rest in peace, Lynne.

A received an email from the girl who directed/choreographed my production of "Grease." She said that a guy named Shawn, who was the lighting designer, just died. Apparently, he was on tour with a show, & had been really sick but refused to see a doctor. The maid found him dead in his room. At the MOST he was 24-25, but I think he was much than that. Because of his symptoms, they are doing an autopsy for meningitis. Scary. It was so sudden, & he was so young. I remember spending lots of time with him. He was a GREAT guy. Very nice, very fun. I remember sitting on his lap. We had lost touch in the last few years, just busy. Damn.

Death sucks.

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