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Dang. When Revlon says "Colorstay" they mean the color stays. I am wearing some right now, & I can't get it off my lips to save my life. I guess it would come off with makeup remover or a baby wipe....but it sure doesn't come off with tissue. Sheesh. I think my lips are permanently "Berry Reliable." I'd forgotten how well this stuff stays on. Amazing.

Yume did my makeup again at MAC yesterday. I had to go there to exchange something for a friend (no, I didn't spend anything....can't spend what you don't have), & they are always so nice to me there. Two of my 3 fave makeup artists were there, Yume & Liz (Kris is the other, but she's on vacation). They always do makeovers on me FREE, and it normally costs $40! They OFFER to do it for me. Last time I saw Kris, she said she wanted me to come back another day (I was already wearing makeup) so that she could do some blues on me (ones I already have) & teach me a really awesome way to wear them. Yume told me to come back & she'd do my eyes in oranges that I already have. The next time I went in, Yume did the oranges. My eyes looked SOOO pretty! I kept it on the next day & went to work. Mary said, "Your eyes look so pretty, who did them?" I said, "MAC." And she replied, "No offense, but I knew you couldn't have done it." *hmph* So I'm not a makeup expert. I'm getting better, though. Yesterday, I went to make that exchange, & I had just come from bawling my eyes out in the MetroRail parking lot. I wore my sunglasses as long as I could, & used drops. My eyes weren't quite as red by the time I got there. But Yume did mention my eyes looking a little red, & I told her I had been crying. They were so nice. So she offered to do my eyes in these really pretty pinks I already have, & teach me how & where to put each color. I am still wearing it today. My eyes look so pretty, I can't stop looking at them in the mirror. :-) I am starting to appreciate my natural eyes. I have gotten several compliments on them. Yay! Tomorrow, I am going back to MAC again. Not to get anything, just to get more "training." I love to go into Hollywood & just walk up & down Hollywood Blvd. It's so interesting. And I am getting some walking exercise, so that's good, too.

I started the antibiotics for my bladder infection. Today didn't help that pain. I woke up at 5:30AM to take my first dose of contrast. I had to take another dose at 6:30, & then again at 7:30 & head to the hospital. I had had giant glasses of Powerade to drink the contrast down with, so I was peeing constantly. After doing all the paperwork (they asked me for $125....which I didn't have....), I got changed into 2 hospital gowns (facing opposite ways for modesty), & walked around the hospital in that & my cat beanie & socks. Without thinking about it, I wore a beanie that has a cat face on it...for my CAT scan!
They had little pictures of kitty cats on the machine, & they wanted to put a picture of Duncan up. :-) Femi, my radiology tech, stuck my arm to put the injection of contrast in (yeah, didn't know about THAT part....I HATE needles). Apparently, my wittle vein collapsed right after he pricked it. Guess what that meant? They had to stick me again. Great fun. Apparently, I have only 2 good veins, & since they always get picked on, they have developed scar tissue. Femi checked my left arm...no good ones there. So he called a nurse in. Nurse Frank, a really cool older guy. He played around on my right arm for a bit, & then told me I have two choices. He could either fish around for a vein in the same spot as before, or he could prick a vein in my inner wrist....and he wasn't gonna lie, it would "sting." What great choices. I choose to go for the inner wrist & avoid the fishing. Then they started the injection of the contrast (which is basically shellfish....), & you just get swept throughout with massive warmth...especially in the hoo-ha! :-) The procedure itself was really quick, & then another nurse, Katie, who is an aspiring actress, came in to chat with me a bit. I got dressed & of course, had to stop to potty once more. So now I have a huge, long bruise from the inner wrist injection point up that vein about 3-4 inches (it will be worse tomorrow) & a huge, dark bruise on my inner elbow. I look like a junkie. Geez....I don't know HOW junkies do that to themselves. If/when I have to have surgery, I am going to ask them to knock me out with gas before they stick me with the IV...I don't care to go through that again. Owwie.

Billy called me again today. I can't remember if I mentioned him before. He's the guy I met at the Laser Eye Center. He can't possibly be pack in town already. But he certainly seems interested. Tommy has called me several times from Florida, but I am not interested in him. He's just a boy. The owner of the club in Miami emailed me again, apparently to profess his love/lust. Sheesh. He told me he's been checking his email every day just to see if I had written him anything.

My bladder hurts & my nodes are aching....& I am soooo sleepy from this morning. I only got around 4 hours of sleep last night...I think I was worried I would sleep through my alarm. But other than all that....I am in fairly good spirits today. Someone knows why. *wink*

Corey Clark getting kicked off "AI".....good riddance. What a patoot. Not only did he try to hide his arrest, but it's for beating his sister! Sheesh! What a great role model for our youth! I still really like Kimberly Caldwell, Ruben (I finally figured out why his jerseys say "205"....DUH!), & Clay...and I think Carmen is a cutie, too. If anyone had had to get kicked off that episode, I would have picked one of the other two before Carmen. I was glad to see Julie Demato go. She was a pretty girl, but sung offkey all the time. I kinda saw her as the Nikki McKibbin of this year.

I gotta go take another antibiotic. And then struggle to stay awake through "ER" & then hit the hay.
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