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What a bummer. You go through a low time & a bunch of "friends" delete you from their list. I guess I wasn't fun anymore. Shit happens. *waves goodbye*

If friends translated into money, I'd be a billionaire, easily. I truly have some amazing, amazing friends. I may be unlucky everywhere else, but I am definitely lucky in the friend department.

Thanks for everyone's sweet comments to my last post. It's nice to know that people have missed my posts. :-) Please don't be insulted or think I don't care if/when I don't respond to your posts or your responses to mine....I have VERY limited online time these days, & can just barely keep up with my own journal (as you have noticed). It doesn't mean I love any of you any less or am no longer interested....just almost too busy for my own life. :-(

Car insurance, two phone bills, electricity....all past due & about to be shut off. Same shit, different day. *sigh* Eventually (hopefully), I will get all caught up.

Marcus (from "Matrix") called me again yesterday. Told me he knew I was busy, since I was ignoring him, but he still had "mad love" for me. He's going to shoot a movie somewhere in 3 weeks & wants to see me before. I might call him. I just really don't think we are compatible, & Lord knows I don't have time for men right now & the drama they bring.

erinbir is sooo excited to go with me to the GLAAD Awards. She went out & bought a new dress today. The "Six Feet Under" cast is usually there, & the "Queer as Folk" cast, & the "Will & Brace" cast, etc. Christina Aguilera is supposed to be there. The food is usually pretty gross, caviar & pate & stuff like that. Rich people's food, I call it. But hey, it's free & the dessert was really good last time. The awards are always fun. I am going to have my friend Yume at MAC do my eyes tomorrow for the event.

I'm having a mid-life crisis.

This is me pre-haircut.

This is me post haircut.

Post haircut from the back.

A better view of the two-tone....it's still blonde on top & the sides, but red underneath (although the red is fading & I have to get it re-done.)

I get sooooo much attention when I wear it like this.

Here's a shot that kinda shows how much weight I have lost off my stomach, arms, & hips, but my boobs still look pretty big in this top (but then again, a D is still pretty big!).

Here's my slenderized booty, but it actually still looks pretty big in this shot (it's smaller, trust me).

As further evidence of my mid-life crisis, I got a tattoo. (It's actually hot pink & black, but it looks red & black here.)

Changes, changes, chances. Dropped 15 pounds, changed my hair, I'm dressing cuter (with clothes I already had), got a tat....sheesh.

And before anyone says anything....my friend Erin paid for the tat & the hair, cause she really wanted me to do both (they were early b'day gifts, & we went to a hair school, so it was really cheap). And NO, I have never been against tattoos. I am against piercings & covering your body with tattoos. I have never been against having a few small, tasteful, discrete ones. So pffffffffft.

And no, I am not telling my family about the tattoo (other than my sis & my aunt & uncle). And while I sorta miss my long, pretty hair, I am lovin' the new do, & so does everyone else (with the exception of my grandmothers, who just don't like the red underneath).
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