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I have a little angel with the initials W.P. You know who you are. And you know what you mean to me. *hugs*

I'm hungry. But I don't want to eat anymore today.

I am going to Alabama & Georgia around Memorial Day. I am flying to Atlanta, meeting up with my sister, & then we are road-tripping to Alabama to see our grandparents. I can't wait. Every visit with them is a treasure to me. My grandmother agreed to pay for my ticket, bless her heart. And I have enough vacation days at work to not miss more than one day of work...and one day of work is worth it to see my family...none of my grandparents are terribly healthy.

My grandmother is too weak to take a family cruise this summer, so she mentioned that perhaps me, Kathy, & herself could take a short trip together, to Callaway Gardens. We went there every summer growing up. I have wonderful memories of that place, but it sure would be strange to be there without my mom. It would be so nice to go back again, though. I probably haven't been there since I was 15 or so.

My dad also mentioned him, Kathy, & me taking a family trip this summer, maybe a cruise, just the 3 of us. That'd be awesome. I'd love to do the Hawaiian cruise, since it's a place I haven't been, & am longing to see.

All these trips....sheesh. And I don't even like traveling. I cannot go anywhere after Memorial Day (for a few weeks) due to summer show rehearsals. And then I won't be able to go anywhere between June 28th-July 13th when Erin is on her honeymoon. I should definitely be building up some more vacation time by then, especially with all the hours I am working now.

I have all kinds of guy drama. Not really drama, but it seems that when I am not interested in dating, cute guys come out of the woodwork.

I talked to Marcus this morning. We made tentative plans to go hiking on Saturday, but it's supposed to rain. Then Erin is trying to hook me up with one of our techs at work, Hugh. That might cause all kinds of problems, though. For one thing, if things didn't work out, wouldn't it be awkward to work together? And he's also really young, 23. He's not remotely immature, but still....he's 6'6, & a cutie. Needs to fix his teeth, but other than that, he's a cutie. I do love the tall ones. And he comes across kinda slow, because of the way he talks, but he's actually very smart & clever. And then there's Geert. I met him at the GLAAD Awards. Count on me to get a date at a gay event. He was a waiter on the catering staff, also 6'6, & very handsome. He's a voracious reader, & paints, too. Seems very smart. He came up to our table & said, "Ladies, can I get you anything else?" Erin responds, "Yes, your number." He says, "What?" She says, "For my friend." He says, "REALLY????" Funny. I was soooo embarrassed. But he gave me his business card, & has already called me twice (we are currently playing phone tag). Erin gets a kick out of saying his name. Erin asked him if he had thought we were lesbians, & he said, "I was hoping you weren't." We had two gay guys ask us if we were straight. That was amusing. Especially since Erin responds, "Well, *I* am. But....." and points to me, as if to imply I wasn't. I said, "Hey, I'm straight....I just dabble." :-) Another guy asked me if I liked "carne." I had to have my Jewish friend translate what that meant. Heh-heh.

GLAAD was a GREAT event. We had terrific seats. We signed up for a few silent auctions. It's not like I had money to piss away, but it DOES go to a good cause. Erin & I bid $50 on a $150 gift certificate ($25 each) & won. That was fun. Before the awards started, I sat down to rest my tootsies, & Erin went to the bar to get some water. By the time she came back to me, I was surrounded by about 10 handsome gay men, telling me how "adorable" I was. One guy came over & said, "I was just watching you from the bar, & think you are the cutest thing I have ever seen, so I just have to shake your hand." He set one drink down & shook my hand, & then off he went. *giggle* Erin & I did look pretty sassy that night, & even unintentionally color coordinated (black & hot pink). We were among the very few straight people there, & the guests were predominantly male. Soooo many handsome men in tuxes. Yum.

We took a picture with Eric McCormack (Will from "Will & Grace"), Jennifer Beals (the lead in "Flashdance"), Jennifer Coolidge (Stifler's mom in "American Pie" & the nail girl in "Legally Blonde"), & with this adorable guy who was horribly gay-bashed & not expected to live. There were TONS of celebrities presenting awards....Sean Hayes, Camryn Manheim, Mariel Hemingway, cast members from "Queer as Folk," Jacquiline Bissett, Jill Hennessy, etc. Christina Aguilera performed "Beautiful" live & a cappella....it was GORGEOUS. Sean O'Bryan sat next to me with his wife. Sean was in "Princess Diaries" with me, in a pretty major role...and he's guest starred on many high profile things. He's the coolest guy, & he said he'd talk to Garry to make sure I end up in "Princess Diaries 2." Sweeeeeeeet. Erin & I just had a BLAST. It was sooooo much fun.

Monday morning, I had a lot of adventure at my house. Andrea & Alicia had spent the night. I was in here on the pc, Alicia was in the shower, & Andrea was still half-asleep on the couch. I heard yelling in my backyard...."Hey! Get down from there! Where's your homeboy at? Hey! Where's your homeboy at? Get down here with your hands up." I didn't know what the hell was going on. I opened the front door & went outside, where a cop was in my front yard. There was a cop car in the driveway. I start to say, "Excuse me, officer, what seems to be the---"....I was gonna finish that with "problem," but I looked up & saw that there were two gangbangers were on my roof! So I yell, "Hey, get the FUCK off my roof!" At gangbangers. Yeah, I have "open mouth, insert foot" disease. They looked about 14, & one didn't say a word. The white boy said, "I'm sorry, we had to get up here, there was a guy chasing us, & he would have gotten us," & he actually DID seem scared. The officer smiles at me, amused, & says, "We have it under control, m'am. Go on back inside." I asked him if he needed to get into my backyard, & he said "not yet." So I went back inside. After a bit, he knocked on the door & asked if he could get into the backyard now. I warned him it was messy, & let him in. Alicia was caught in the hallway doorway, in just a towel, dripping wet. The officer was really embarrassed, apologized, & continued on to the backyard. I asked him if I was in any danger, & he said no. I said, "You'd tell me if I were, right?" He said he would. He thought the gangbangers might have dropped a gun in my backyard, since they didn't have one on them. THAT'S comforting....and I just yelled at them, & they obviously know where I live! After searching for a while, he comes back inside. I say, "Are they skinheads?" He says, "Skinheads, no...gangbangers, yes." I asked him how they got onto my roof. He looks at me with a straight face & says, "WEll, see, they have these wings...." I said, "Thanks, Officer Smartass, but how did they REALLY get up there?" :-) He said they jumped onto my fence & then onto the roof. I asked him again if I was in any danger, & again he assured me that I wasn't. I mean....gangbangers don't usually kill random people, just each other. Eventually, we HAD to leave for work. When we walked out of the house, one kid (the cop said they were about 16 or so) was already in the back of the cop car, & the other was handcuffed on my curb. He starts hitting on Andrea (who's gorgeous). He keeps smiling & jerking his head at her. We got in the truck, & he started making kissy faces at her, as the officer (who was cute, BTW) rolled his eyes. What girl doesn't want a 16 year old gangbanger who's handcuffed on the curb, about to go to prison?

Speaking of guys....I do kinda like these guys I have met....but come on. What business do I have dragging any guy into the drama that is my life (particularly my financial problems)???? I am better off alone right now. And also, when would I have time??? I am gone to work from roughly 9AM til around 8-9PM 5-6 days a week, & go to bed by 10 or 11PM. The day at work just drains me....all that perkiness. And I ain't no spring chicken, ya know. For some reason, I haven't been sleeping well, either. I sleep 8-10 hours, but don't feel rested.....weird dreams, restlessness, etc. When I have two days off, I like to spend at least one day vegging at home alone, not leaving the house. The other day, I need to run errands. When would I date? One day or one night a week??? I just have no time or energy for a social life right now, which is kinda a bummer....kinda not.

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