Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Pictures from GLAAD Awards!

This is me & erinbir with Jennifer Coolidge, who played Stifler's Mom in "American Pie" & the nail girl in "Legally Blonde." She's a hoot...and very tall!

This is us with Jennifer Beals, the star of "Flashdance." She's gorgeous, & actually VERY tall....she just shrunk down for this pic with us so she wouldn't feel like a giant.

This is us with Eric McCormack, the star of "Will & Grace." Erin just HAD to get a pic with him. He was very nice.

Me & Erin...aren't we sassy? We must have been, cause the gay men LOVED us!

Here's a bad shot of Christina Aguilera singing onstage...she sang "Beautiful" a cappella, & it was gorgeous. My camera doesn't get good zoom shots.

Erin & I with Trev, the guy who was gay-bashed in West Hollywood. He was given a 90% chance of dying, 10% chance of living but being a vegetable. He's doing well now, & is positively adorable.

I LOVE Wolfgang Puck's "shark" bread. Oh, & that IBM landyard is our VIP pass, not a tacky necklace.

Erin & I were REALLY unimpressed with Wolfgang's appetizer. Bleh!

This is me with Sean O'Bryan, who was in "Princess Diaries" among many things, & his lovely wife, Samantha.

Here I am licking the spun sugar on top of the delicious dessert! Yummy!!!!!
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