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OK, I am a little irked at Wal-Mart & Target.

A friend gave me $15 to get a new bra (yeah, I have the GREATEST friends in the world!). Mine simply don't fit anymore. Target & Wal-Mart have some really cute, affordable ones.....

.....if you are a small, "normal" size.

There are so many cute bras, in sizes A-C. If you are a D or above, good luck finding one that's cute AND comfortable.

When I got measured at Victoria's Secret, the girl said I was just in between a D & a DD. I want to play it safe for now & get a DD, because I HATE hanging out of my bra cup. If I continue to lose more weight, I can eventually get a D (when I dropped to 110 pounds once---and I'm at 120 now---I dropped to a C cup!). So I go shopping.

Target had NO DD bras below a 38. ADORABLE bras for A-C sizes.

Wal-Mart had ONE bra in a 34DD, a couple of "granny" bras in 36DD (36 is too big around...even though I am technically a 35). The 36DDs were bras I would never wear, & I'm not even sure MY granny would wear them. I finally got a 36D, & it fits decently, but it's a non-versatile hot pink color & KINDA makes my boobies look like torpedos. They had plenty of DD bras....in sizes 38, 40, 42, etc. Sheesh.

I don't get it....do they think that busty women don't want a cute, sassy bra, too? Why the discrimination? Little tittied girls get adorable bras, & us busty girls are stuck with ugly over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders? Not fair. I can deal with thick straps, since I know I have a lot of weight to hold up, but WHY can't the bra itself look cute in a larger size? I simply don't get it. All you have to do is use more material.

My sister said I am a freak, that 34DD is an odd size. Is it? It doesn't seem odd to me. I was once a 32D, now THAT was an odd size. 34DD can't be THAT unusual. And it just sucks that I have crappy options. I think it's time to write letters to the bra companies. Maybe they'd even let me help them with the designs (riiiiight).

Busty girls unite!!!! ;-P
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