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I was wearing ARMY fatigue pants today...and two men passed me in Wal-Mart & asked, "What branch of the military are you in," with great big smiles on their faces. I said, "Ummmm....the cute one?" :-)

We borrowed an electric cart today at work, & rode around on the stagecoach trail all day on our breaks. It was so much fun! I got to drive, because I am cart trained. I felt all special. At one point, we had to wait for the train to pass, & these two maintenance men passed us going the other way. One of them looked at my nametag (wearing my character name) & asked how to pronounce my name. Ummmm....it's JT. Is that tough to figure out? I wanted to say it was pronounce "Juhut" (said really fast, & sounds like a sneeze), but I smiled & told them the correct way.

I got caught up on most of my bills (not all, but most). But now rent is due on Wednesday, & I have NOTHING. *sigh* I have no clue what I will do.
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