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I have a million errands to run today, but I have been running around so much lately, I have no desire to leave the house. I really should go out & get some stuff done. I need some groceries, I desperately need laundry detergent, I need some kitten flea shampoo, etc. I think I will just chill at home today while I can, & then run errands after work tomorrow. I can run by Wal-Mart on the way home to get the detergent, & hit the grocery & drug store (need a refill on cholesterol medicine) by my house. The flea shampoo can wait.

I really need to find out what days off I will be having next week. I need to find a mechanic to figure out what is wrong with my truck. It's running really loud. When I get up to 65 MPH, it is sooo loud, it hurts my ears. I can't imagine what that could be. Any ideas?

I also need to take Ernie to get shaved. It's summer & it gets really hot here in the valley. I obviously cannot afford to leave the A/C on during the day while I am at work. He has soooo much hair, he's much more comfortable when he's shaved. I simply cannot do it myself, I have tried unsuccessfully. But I have to take him on a day that I am off work. I could go to a mechanic & the groomers on the same day. My co-workers tell me we may not have a new schedule until Friday, because he's off til Thursday. Ummmm...we get the schedule 2 days before it starts? That's hardly fair. We are supposed to have RTOs turned in 2 weeks in advance, & he is supposed to have our schedules to us 2 weeks in advance. I do have a life, & have to plan around work. It cannot possibly be THAT difficult to do a schedule. *sigh*

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