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Let's see.....

....if I can recall the events of my trip (this is a long one, so you might want to skip over it, friends).

I didn't get more than about 2-3 hours sleep the night before I left. I was still burning CDs for my sister's Xmas gifts at 2AM, & I had to wake up at 5AM. I wanted to be at the airport by 6AM, because all the warnings for holiday travel was to arrive 2-3 hours early for your flight. My flight left at 8:20AM. So Alicia dropped me off at around 6AM. I got into the rather long (though not as long as I expected) curbside baggage check line. An airport employee walked by & mumbled that there was no line inside, so I took the hint & went inside. There was next to no line, maybe 2-3 people in front of me. I was at the counter in 5 minutes or less. While standing there, I looked over & noticed Jerri Manthey, the "bitch" from "Survivor 2" standing at the counter next to me. I cautiously approached her, & I think I said something about how pretty she was in person (she was gorgeous, & wearing next to no make-up), & how I knew a girl who was dating a "Survivor" editor. She was really nice to me, not snotty or bitchy at all. I wish her a good trip, & she wished me the same. Next, I got in the substantially longer security check in line, where you walk through the metal detectors & put your carry-on bags through the X-ray machine. The lines here were longer because men wearing steel toe shoes were having to remove their shoes & have them X-rayed, & lots of people were being body scanned with that hand-held thingy. I look over in the line next to me, & there was the Sprint PCS spokesman (the guy in all the commercials who wears the trenchcoat). I leaned over & quietly said, "I love your commercials." He thanked me sincerely. I told him I had a Sprint PCS phone, & he thanked me for my support. I told him that I had also just seen him on "Providence," & he seemed surprised, but genuinely pleased. He was very nice, & much better looking in person. I wish I knew his name, & kept hoping to see him on my flight (no such luck). I had no problems getting through the security check point. I had remembered to leave all my nail clippers & fingernail scissors & tweezers in my checked luggage! :-) I breezed through all of this---including walking the long hallway to my gate---in 15-20 minutes....so now I had to sit & wait 2 hours for my flight! Yikes! Luckily, I was sitting on the floor next to some nice girl, & we talked & passed that time. I was worried about not having anything to do for 2 hours & being bored out of my gourd, but I forget how friendly & approachable I am.
:-) So I finally board the plane (old style, boarding outside, up the stairs), & start having a coughing fit. Whatever nasty illness I had had had now gone into my lungs (nice usage of the word "had" 3 times in a row). Before I left, my doctor had prescribed a cough syrup with codeine in it, which is highly effective for coughs (I wonder why?). So I read the label, & took 2 teaspoons of it. Next damn thing I know, I am waking up in Dallas! It's a 3 hour flight! 2 teaspoons of this cough syrup knocked me out. But it was a trippy sleep. Like....my brain was still functioning & fully awake, having all sorts of thoughts, but it felt like my body was paralyzed. I practically swaggered through the Dallas airport, but didn't have a lot of time to waste getting to my connecting flight (a short layover). I boarded that flight, & had a short, uneventful flight to Alabama. My sister, grandmother, & cousin, Katie, met me outside the security point, & then met up with me at the baggage claim. My luggage came out really fast, & when I grabbed it & said, "That's it, let's go," my family was STUNNED that I only had one suitcase. I am NOT known as a light packer. But because I have come to detest lugging around 2-3 huge pieces of luggage, all alone, on my wimpy 4'11 frame, I have learned to pare down. I just took 3 pairs of pants & a bunch of shirts. But it was a heavy suitcase! :-)
I am exhausted, still drugged, & now nauseous from the codeine. MD & Kathy inform me that we (Kathy & I) are eating dinner with our old family friends, the Jacksons (Judy was my mother's best friend, & us & their kids grew up together). I took a nap for a couple of hours, cause I was ready to drop dead. Later, Kathy & I went to Outback Steakhouse with Judy & Gary. I was STILL nauseous, but ate anyway, cause I knew I needed to get some food in my system. It was a lovely evening, complete with a personable waiter who sat down at the table with us to take our order. We kept making jokes with him, because he served me this little container on my plate, empty. I asked him, "Is this container of air the house special?" We gave Judy a gift (a picture frame pillow, she's into stuff like that), & she gave us gifts (really cute rhinestone picture frames). Then we went back to MD's, where I am sure I quickly passed out for the night.

The next day was Sunday. Kathy & I got up fairly early, had breakfast, & then were on our way to our grandparent's house (my dad's parents) in Greenville, AL. This would be a get together with some family members I haven't seen in a while. Greenville is a 2 hour drive from Birmingham. On the way there, we stopped by Priester's Pecans, where we got some gifts for the fam, & I got some yummy pecan-less divinity. I get it every year. When we got to my grandparent's, everyone was already there. My elderly cousins, Nell & Minnie, drove up from Pensacola. I hadn't seen them in YEARS!!!! I mean, at LEAST 6, probably, if not more. I used to call them my "beach buddies," because we used to spend our summers in Pensacola, on the beach, & they'd always hang out with us. My cousin Michael was there, his sister, Celeste, her two kids, KC & Jordan, & their dad, my uncle Doug, & his wife, Nena. And of course, my dad, & grandparents. Oh, there was also some odd old woman whom they claimed was my cousin, as well, but I have no clue who she was. I have never met her in my life. A nice enough woman, but she irritated me when I said I wanted to get a picture with my "two beach buddies," Nell & Minnie, & this lady steps into the picture. HUH?? Whatever. I suppose I sound horrible, but I get a little irritated when a relative I haven't met in 30 years acts like we are old friends. Anyway.....my cousin KC is 7 years old, & apparently, my biggest fan. She thinks I am a celebrity because I was running around in the background of "Princess Diaries." She grew up watching me in a theatrical production of "Wizard of Oz." What's rather bizarre is that for the first 2 hours or so that we were there, she wouldn't come near me. If I walked in her direction, she screamed & ran away, or hid behind someone. I kept playing with her, chasing her yelling, "I'm gonna get you!" The fam sat down to have lunch. Then we opened presents, but there weren't too many of those. My dad had sent out an email telling everyone to forego presents, since Celeste was going through a bad divorce & money was tight. He didn't want anyone to feel "obligated" to spend money. So Doug & Nena had some gifts for Michael, Celeste, KC, & Jordan, & Kathy & I had gifts for everyone (expect that mysterious "cousin," cause we didn't know she'd be there). I gave Michael "Snowman Poop" (accompanied by a poem that said, "You've been naughty, so here's the scoop, Santa's leaving you some Snowman Poop), & everyone got a kick out of that. I pointed out that it was at least better than the present he gave me....which was nothing. :-) We gave KC a little snowman with her name on it, Jordan a great bouncing ball, both kids some chocolate candies, Celeste some lotion, MeMama some "earbobs" & potpourri, PaPa a calendar with our pic on it, Nell a calendar, & Minnie a candle, Doug & Nena got a candle too, with some nuts from Priester's, too. After that, Nell & Minnie were on their way back home. By this time, KC had stopped avoiding me, & now was a leech. I couldn't get her off me. If I sat down, she had to be in my lap. Anywhere I went, she followed. It was kinda cute, actually. She's going through a difficult time...her dad is an emotionally abusive alcoholic, getting divorced from her mother. That night, Dad, Kathy, Michael & I went to my fave burger place, Krystal's. I wish we had one in Cali. But I always like to go there when I am in AL. We dined in, & then took some burgers back to the remaining fam. It's always nice to visit with my lovely grandmother, but it's depressing to see my grandfather. He suffers from dementia, & you never know if he's coherent in the current moment with you, or living in the past. Almost all he does is sleep. It's hard for him to get around, & it's heartbreaking watching my frail grandmother wait on him hand & foot, like he's a baby. We all watched the outtakes of "Princess Diaries," my scene from my last show, "Working," & then everyone split up to go to bed. Nena & Doug & Dad went to their hotel nearby, & Jordan took the den. Michael camped out on the couch, Celeste & KC took the room with the twin beds, & Kathy & I took the "pink room." Yes, it's virtually almost all pink & red.

The next morning, Xmas eve, we woke up (thanks to KC) & had a little breakfast from Hardee's, brought by Doug & Dad. I had biscuits & gravy. Then, after spending a bit more time with KC, we were off to go back to Birmingham. I knew I would see my dad again in B'ham, but every time I leave these grandparents, I always think it might be the last time I see them alive. Morbid, I know, but reality. PaPa is extremely fragile....90 years old, dementia, diabetes, etc. MeMama runs herself into the ground to care for him, with a heart condition. Every year, I hope & pray we'll have another Xmas together. Anyway, we get back to B'ham, & load MD up into the car, & try to go to the Anchorage (one of my sister's fave places to eat...they DO have really good banana pudding!) to eat. Alas, it was closed! I went to Savage's (my fave bakery in the world) to see if they had any smiley face cookies (the best cookies on Earth), but they did not. They had a similar one...the same cookie, but minus the smiley face frosting. :-( It was packed, but I did get some of those cookies, & a petit four for my sister. Kathy then dragged me into Merle Norman, where she picked up a new lipstick (MD was sleepy & waiting in the car). That night, we had meatloaf that my grandmother cooked. She TOTALLY lied to me! She knows I hate onions, & she swore up & down that there were no onions in this meatloaf, & that if I saw anything that looked like an onion, it was a bread crumb! Riiiiiiiight! Like I can't tell the difference between a bread crumb & an onion! So we started cross-examining her....and she started to giggle. She wouldn't confess, but would start giggling. So we knew the truth. The meatloaf was good otherwise, so I just picked out the onions. She also put cheese on the twice baked potatoes, & my sister recently stopped eating cheese, so I scraped it off for her. (The next day, we would finally sort of get the truth....MD didn't put any FRESH onions in the meatloaf, but a mix she puts in it has dried onions in it!!!!) We then went over to my aunt & uncle's house. They were just sitting around watching old home videos, so after a while of watching that, I went upstairs to check my email. Then we went home, & continued our tradition of opening one gift on Xmas Eve. I had my sister open the ring I got for her, an Irish Claddagh ring with a green stone (her fave color....and the ring symbolizes love, loyalty, & friendship). She gave me some leopard print curlers, & we gave MD the calendar with our picture on it. Then I toddled off to bed. Normally, my sister & share the guest bedroom with twin beds, but this year, she stayed in my grandfather's room (yes, my grandparents had separate bedrooms, cause he snored) & I had the guest room.

The next morning was Xmas Day, & my sister dubbed me "Santa Hitler." I guess I was dictating it a bit. But my grandmother was rushing me. She wanted me to have breakfast, make my casserole, & shower....and there wasn't a lot of time to do all that before we had to be over at my aunt & uncle's again. I was giving everyone one present at a time, but hurrying them along to open them. From my sister, I got a rhinestone necklace that said "Sagittarius," a $30 Best Buy gift card....maybe something else, I can't remember. MD gave me a $300 Best Buy gift card, a great silver bracelet with a heart charm (that I just had engraved), some socks, $100 cash (love that Ben Franklin!)...I think that's it. That's all I recall, anyway. We gave my grandmother 2 sets of notecards (she loves them), two different perfumes she requested, potpourri, etc. I also gave my sister a bracelet, and she got some stuff from MD. I took a shower, & made my Cassi-role, & we were on our way to Bobby & Sara's. I think this Xmas lunch was poorly planned. My aunt/uncle & cousins had just eaten when we got there, & we'd had breakfast quite a bit earlier, so I was pretty hungry. We opened presents. I gave Bobby some "Snowman Poop" & a Royal Caribbean keychain (an inside joke), Sara some potpourri, Katie some lotion & body spray, & Robert & Neill both $10 gift cards for Best Buy. I got a $50 gift card for Best Buy from Bobby & Sara. That's by far the best gift they have ever given me (they gave Kathy the same). I teased my cousin Neill (he's 13 & 6'0 tall) that since he didn't give me anything, he could burn me some CDs. :-) Finally, we sat down to eat. I was starving. Then we went back home, & I think I probably took a nap (I was still pretty sick, ya know). We then lied to my grandmother & told her we were going to look at Xmas lights (I detest lying, but sometimes it's best with MD), when we really went to my dad's hotel. My dad, my sister & I went out trying to find a place open to eat. Most places were closed on Xmas night. We found two places open, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse & Friday's. Friday's was PACKED! So we went to Kobe. It's basically the same as Benihana's. We had a nice dinner, went back & chatted for a while in his room, & then went back home.

The next day, we sent Kathy off, back to Florida. She had to work on Thursday & Friday, so she had to get back. I lied to MD again, telling her I was meeting my old friend Joe at Starbucks down the street. I was actually going to have breakfast/chat with my dad before he left town. We had the good old financial discussion again. He's still going to look for a house to buy for me. It would be in his name, of course. He is going to research from the HUD or VA home angle, calling some real estate agents that specialize in that. Final say is mine, of course, but he knows how to get them to pay attention ("if my daughter approves of the house you find, we can close the deal in 30 days"). I am going to look into the mobile home angle. I don't know if we will find a decent home in a decent area that is affordable, but I sure hope we do. It would be SO nice if I could cut my rent. It appears that my father is actually truly behind my career efforts now, he just wants me to have a job that will pay my bills until fame hits! And of course, he's right. But if I could cut rent costs, things would be so much better. So I kiss dad off to Charlotte, & go back to MD's. There, she informs me that Joe called for me! The Joe I was supposed to be with at Starbucks. Luckily, he introduced himself as "Joseph," not Joe, so I said they were two different people. Also, she apparently went down to Starbucks to see us, even asked the employees if they'd seen us, & of course, we weren't there. What are the odds??? That's the kind of stuff that happens to me when I lie, which is why I don't like to do it. I had called & left a message for John the day before, & he called me now. He wanted to get together later that night. We made plans for him to come pick me up, & we'd go to dinner & then hang out. I had lunch with Momme Dot. I made another Cassi-role. MD & I talked a lot about my mother & Daddy Bob (my grandfather) & MD started crying. I had said that I think DB died of a broken heart after my mother died (he died slightly over a year later), & she got all teary & agreed. She said he had never slept past 4AM after my mother died....my mother died at 4AM. He truly seemed defeated after she died, & I think he saw the errors of his ways. He was always emotionally unavailable, & was a bit cruel to my mother (telling her her kids---my sister & I---were "warped," & that she was fat, she failed at her marriage, etc.) I think he really regretted it, & never thought it would be too late. It was a sad conversation, but revealed a lot to me. I was glad we had it. Then I went to see "Kate & Leopold" with Katie & MD. It was a REALLY good movie, I am not "in love" with Hugh Jackman. He's gorgeous & charming, a real Prince Charming. After the movie, we went over to the Gap, where I convinced MD to buy me this pair of jeans I had really been wanting. They are the jeans that I wore when I worked on "Mad TV." I had fallen in love with them, but didn't have the money to buy them. She didn't want to spend any more money on me, but she agreed to get these jeans, & I also got a cute winter hat, on sale for $6.99! I would get several more pairs of these jeans, cause everyone has told me that they flatter me, but I PLAN to lose weight, & don't want to get any more new clothes until I do. I'd love to get back to a size 7 jean, even better, a size 5 or less! I'd really like to get down to 110 pounds, but I don't know if that's realistic. Anyway, the Gap was PACKED, but we made it in & out. I called some man who cut me off a "mean poopy head," & MD laughed so hard that Katie commented that she had never heard MD laugh that hard. It wasn't THAT funny! :-) I just have to remember not to cuss around her. She gets the vah-pors! MD commented how much she loves to be around my sister & I, because of how hard we make her laugh. :-) I had to drive MD's boat....her Towncar. It's so huge, I have a hard time parking it. It sure drives smoothly, though. I guess that's why people are willing to spend so much on it, cause it certainly isn't for it's sleek looks! Katie stayed at MD's for a little while before going back home (she is now 18 & has her own car), while I got ready for John to pick me up. I took a shower & washed my hair. I called my neighbor, Nick, to give him my flight plans (he would pick me up), & learned some distressing news. Apparently, my friend Alicia hadn't been watching my house, as planned. Nick said he saw the "red Mercedes" in my driveway all the time. The red Mercedes belongs to my friend Amy's boyfriend, & I had told Alicia specifically that I did NOT want Amy & Rashad staying there. It wasn't that I didn't trust them, I just didn't want my keys passed from hand to hand, & Amy & Rashad tend to only have eyes for each other when together. And I didn't want them having sex in my house while I was away (that's just a bit creepy), & I am sure they probably did (they almost never get time alone, since they both live with their families). Nick said he didn't see Alicia's car once. This news upset me greatly, but I tried to not think about it. At least SOMEONE was watching my babies. Finally, John arrived, & I told him, after buzzing him in, I would meet him at the elevator. I had no expectations, not having seen him for 13 years, but when he stepped out around the elevator bank....I knew I was in trouble. He looked better than I remembered, very handsome, & had a nice, firm, toned body. He also dressed very well. He had a little goatee that he said he almost shaved off for me (knowing I didn't like facial hair), but it actually looked pretty sexy on him. We gave each other a big hug, & walked down the hall with our arms around each other. It turned out that John's great aunt, Bobbi, lived in the building & was a friend of MD's (who isn't?), so MD had called her & asked if she could bring down her granddaughter to meet her. She said she'd love to meet me....but we didn't tell her John was there. So we get down there, I meet her, & MD says, "Would you mind if her little friend came in just for a minute?" She said of course she wouldn't mind, so then we called John out from around the elevator bank. She was so surprised she basically fell against the door. They are very close, she practically raise him, but they hadn't seen each other in a while (she had spent some time overseas). So we went inside & visited for 30-45 minutes. Bobbi was really cool, I liked her a lot. She said that she had heard my name many times, but I don't know if that was from John or MD. Maybe both, probably MD. I doubt John ever mentioned me to his great-aunt! Anyway, we escorted MD back upstairs, grabbed my coat & purse, & then stopped by his place so he could check his mail & phone messages. He had been staying at his mom's place lately, taking care of her, because she broke some ribs (his father died recently). He gave me the tour, & it was a very nice little bachelor pad, with a balcony & a patio. I made jokes about his bed, because it's on wheels & he doesn't have it locked down & it moves across the room if you bounce on it. ;-� John wanted to take me someplace nice for dinner, but I told him that Chik-Fil-A was fine & dandy for me, & to never accuse me of not being a cheap date! So we got Chik-Fil-A. He was so cool, talking to the cooks behind the counter, asking them how their Xmas was. I'll bet no one ever does that. We got our food to go, & then went back to his place. We ate our yummy Chik-Fil-A on the couch, & then turned off the lights & cuddled to candlelight & Nag Champa. I told him I would gladly crawl under the bed & lock the wheels down, & he said I wouldn't fit under the bed. I didn't believe him, so we went to go look at it (smooth, I know!). He actually got at least one wheel to lock down, & then he turned on this neon string light he had next to the bed. We were laying there on our sides, when he finally kissed me. We had just started getting into it a bit, when the phone rang. It was late, so I thought it might be his mother, calling to say she needed him. I don't know if he has call-waiting, but he didn't answer the phone. I heard someone leaving a message, a female, & it sounded like she was crying. I go into the living room & he's standing there by the phone listening to this message being left....by his hysterical ex-girlfriend. They were "seeing other people," but apparently, she was not grasping that concept. She was crying hysterically, calling him names, saying, "How could you do this to me? I don't want you to ever have contact with me or my son, ever again!" He started getting freaked out, & said we had to get out of there. His ex lived around the block, & he was worried about his car, & what she'd do to it or us. He had told her he would be seeing me, but perhaps she watched us go inside & the lights go off shortly after. I needed to throw something away, & he showed me the trash can with a flashlight! He wouldn't turn any of the lights back on. He checked out the front door, saw that the "coast was clear," & told me to hurry to the safety of the car. OK....that was odd. He was distracted on the drive back to MD's, & dropped me off at the door. A bit stunned, I told my grandmother I was home (at a pathetic 10:30PM), & went to bed. I was just laying there, thinking, when the phone rang. I tried to get it right away, but my grandmother was quicker. She answered if first, but hung up when I got it. It was John. He apologized over & over, & said how embarrassed he was over the whole incident. He said he had been talking to his mother about it, & she agreed with my advice...don't talk to that girl ever again, she's obviously mentally unstable. He apologized again, & we made tentative plans to try again the following night. This was a bit disappointing, if I wanted to "get luck" (as in, "laid") cause I was getting my Aunt Flo the next day. Oh well! I went to sleep, but didn't sleep very well, thinking about the situation at my house in Cali, & what had happened with John.

I woke up early Thursday morning, as I just couldn't sleep. I still had lots on my mind. I packed a little. Then MD & I went on some errands. She wanted to run by this clothing store in Mtn. Brook Village, to try on a shirt. She made me completely make up my face, complete with blush & everything, because she wanted me to look my best for her friends.
Whatever. The things I do for her. She apparently brought the wrong skirt to try it on with, so after 15 minutes or so, we were on our way to the next stop. We went by a mailing center to mail one of MD's presents to me. Oh yeah, that's the one I forgot! She gave me this nice massaging thingy, it goes on your chair & you sit on it, & it massages & has heat. She gave one to my grandfather years ago, & I always enjoyed it when in town. So I asked for one of my own, & it was way too big to carry home with me. It cost $28 to mail it to me! Which is obscene, since that was about half the cost of the massager! Sheesh! I thought MD was going to drop to the floor! But she paid it, vowing next time to let me buy it myself in Cali, & we were on our way to Brookwood Mall. We wanted to go to Things Remembered to see if they could engrave my bracelet. They wanted $15 to do it! They charge a $10 service charge if you didn't buy the item from them, plus $5 for the actual engraving. Since MD was making me pay for it, I opted to try to find it cheaper in Cali. That just seemed ridiculous to me (I got it engraved---my name on one side, "Star" on the other---for $5 at Knott's!!!!). I then wanted to find some new boots. My fave ones, which I was wearing, had holes in the heels! I wear them all the time. We went into one shoe store, & of any of the cute boots, they were, of course, out of my size. My shoe size (6) is the most common, & always sells out first. We then went to McRae's, but I didn't like any of what they had to offer. I stopped to smell a perfume I had heard about, & fell in love with it (OP Juice). Even MD thought it smelled really good...while saying, "You don't need any more perfume." I will be buying it soon. :-) We had to walk back through Rich's, & found two pairs of shoes that I bought there. I used the $100 MD gave me. I got an awesome pair of boots, 50% off (normally $99), & a cute pair of shoes that KINDA look like bowling shoes. She also bought me a cute, turquoise top/jacket, that was on sale for less than $15. :-) We got home just in time for me to "freshen up" before my lunch date, Joe, got there. Yes, this time I was really seeing Joe. :-) We dated, briefly, in 9th grade. He was quite the geek, but then, I wasn't a prize either. He picked me up, & we went to eat at Johnny Ray's. Their BBQ is pretty good, but they have the BEST damn banana pie you have ever tasted. The whipped topping is like nothing I have ever had, & it's not like banana creme pie, it's just banana pie, & it's drool worthy. I got a kick out of seeing a sandwich called "Sunny's dee-light," cause I knew the Sunny that sandwich was named after. She was in the dance department at ASFA, where I was a theatre major, & her boyfriend, George, cheated on her...with me. Ooops! She found out about it, of course, & was none too happy...of course. They broke up, & he & I went on to carry on with each other when we both attended a summer college program in San Diego. Our dorms were across from each other. Those were the days when I wasn't so damn picky....he smoked, & smoked weed. Today, I wouldn't tolerate that. But damn, he was sexy. Anyway, it was nice to see Joe again, he looks MUCH better these days (as do I), but his personality irked me a bit. I couldn't really put my finger on it, but he was just a little annoying. We went to Starbucks for a while, & then I told him I had told MD I would be back by 3. OKay, another lie...geez, what is it about Alabama that makes me into a fibber? But truthfully, I didn't want to be away from her too long, since I don't get to see her that often, she really enjoys spending time with me, & she spent a lot of money to fly me home. We made plans to go with Bobby, Sara, Katie, & Neill to dinner at Piccadilly's cafeteria, & I went to take a nap. When I woke up, we went to go meet them. They were late. It turns out Sara had told MD they'd meet us at her condo, but MD thought we were supposed to meet them there. So they had been waiting for us at the condo!
We had a nice dinner. After dinner, Bobby & Sara went to Robert's basketball game (which is why Robert didn't join us for dinner, he was already with his team), & Katie & Neill went to rent a movie & go home. MD & I took the scenic routes home, roads I used to love driving on. It ended up putting us on Montevallo road halfway between MD's place & Bobby & Sara's house, so MD wanted to stop by & see Katie & Neill. Their dog, Maggie, adores me, but "piddles" every time she seems me. They say she only does it when she sees about 4 different people, & I am one of them. We can't figure out why. She's so cute, though, a Doxie. I went upstairs with Neill & picked out some downloaded songs for him to burn onto CD for me. MD sat with Katie & looked through all their Xmas cards. Then we went home, & I packed a bit more while waiting for John. He had called earlier to see if I could run errands with him, but that is when I was with Joe. John had to watch the Alabama game with his family, & then take his mom home, & then he'd pick me up. He said he wanted to "kidnap" me for a few hours. I said, "Well, we'd better not go back to your place." He said he got that situation under control. His mother had talked to his ex last night, & he talked to her today. Apparently, she tried to be apologetic, but he told her if she called him again, came by his house, etc, he would slap her with a restraining order, & encouraged her to get help. Anyway, he got there, & he helped my grandmother move her Xmas tree to the office. We rode back to his place. When we got inside, he put some jazz music on, & then he kissed me. It was kinda nice kissing someone who was not much taller than me. Humorously, we both started swaying to the music while kissing, at exactly the same time. We kissed for a bit, & then he went into the kitchen to take off his sweater. We kissed again, & he asked me where I got the "power" behind my kisses. Hmmm....I just pride myself on being a good kisser, don't claim to be good at anything else! He also took off his shoes, to see how much shorter he'd be....I had on 3 inch heels, & he was still a bit taller. I don't know how tall he is....I would guess 5'8 or so? That would make him pretty much the shortest guy I have ever dated, cause I usually date 5'10-6'5. Anywho...we ended up in the bedroom again, where we had to clear off his bed, since he had dumped his clean clothes there. I wanted to get on his electric blanket, cause it was cold in his apartment. (***WARNING*** Gonna get graphic!) We kissed for a while, & then he said he had to feel some skin, so our shirts came off. I am pretty sure he was buck nekkid before I was. He has no shyness, whatsoever. Since I am so insecure about my weight, I am a bit more shy. He had that bright neon string light on, so I told him if he wanted to see MORE skin, that bright light had to come off! I unplugged it, & he lit a candle. He asked me if I was wearing my snowmen thong again (I had been wearing it the night before), & I said no, that I was wearing my big girl undies. He was so cute, & said, "Well, I just wanted to let you know, not that I was expecting or assuming anything, but that we are 'prepared'." I thought that was so cute. I said, "That's really sweet.....," & he said, "But you are not interested?" And I said, "No, it's not that....I just have some bad news...some bad timing." He put two & two together from the "big girl panties" comment. I commented that it had never really stopped me before, & he said that he left that decision up to the woman. I said I didn't mind. I also said, "Not that I am suggesting that you do this, but I actually had a boyfriend go down on me once while on my period." He said, "You'd let me do that?" Feeling a bit unclean, I sadly declined that, & said that was a good reason for him to have to visit Cali! ;-� Various making out type things ensued, & when it came time to um...have sex...he stopped. He said the "attraction factor" was definitely there, he definitely wanted to...but just didn't feel like it would be right. Kinda like "Hi, we haven't seen each other in 13 years, so good to see you, let's have sex, now goodbye...see you whenever!" He apologized for being so old-fashioned, but I found it charming, of course. And since sex is not important to me, I truly didn't care. I am happy just makin' out! :-) So he just rolled off & we laid in each other's arms & just talked for quite some time. That was nice. Then we spooned...and I think that changed his mind. Suddenly, he wanted to have sex. He said, "I think I have changed my mind. I think I just needed to talk to you for a while." So, yeah, we did it....and it was nice. He has the PERFECT sized penis! Heh-heh....it was sweet & romantic. He just kept repeating how beautiful & sexy I was, & how much he loved my body. Whatever!Then we just cuddled for a while, until I realized it was after 1AM. I knew MD would be worried about me, & I think that's just a bit disrespectful. I said, "We should probably go," & he said, "That's up to you....I'd love to stay here like this, but if you need to get home, I will take you home." So I reluctantly decided to head home. I told MD I was home so she could go to bed, & John stayed for a little while. We just sat in the dark in the den & talked & kissed a little. Then he left, saying he would try to get out to Cali in May. There's a convention he wants to attend. I was sad to see him go.

MD was going to wake me up at 9AM (I think I went to bed about 2:30AM), but I was up earlier than that, packing. I got all my packing done, had breakfast, & just hung out with MD. She was very sad that I was leaving. She made me a sandwich for the plane...which I promptly forgot. Bobby came to pick me up at around 11AM (my flight was at 1PM). MD walked us out to the car, & cried. I told her July would be here before she knew it (we go on a cruise in late June/July). Katie was there, too, cause Bobby had to drop her off to pick up her car. She was getting a new stereo after hers had been stolen in a break-in. Then Bobby dropped me off at the airport around 11:30. Again, I breezed through the check-in, & had lots of time to sit around & read. The flight from B'ham to Dallas was quick (an hour or so) & easy. I sat next to a nice little old lady with a mustache. :-) It was around this time that I was STARVING, went to get my sandwich that MD made me, & realized I had left it behind. Boo-hoo! I was so hungry! I made it to Dallas & couldn't wait to get to the (expensive) McDonald's. I got a double cheeseburger extra value meal. Then I walked all the way to my terminal, which was quite a far walk. I decided that would work off some of the McDonald's! I finally reached my gate (again, a short layover), & sat next to this guy who looked JUST like Kobe Bryant. While I was talking to him, no less than 2 people asked if he was Kobe, & I saw lots of people staring. A very handsome guy, & he was nice, too. He told me he had been sitting there all day, cause he was flying stand-by. My group # was called, so I bid him good luck in getting on this flight. He did. When he got on, he was a few rows in front of me, & waved at me happily when he spotted me. The man next to me said, "Is that a friend?" And I said, "No, just a guy I was talking to, he's been waiting for a seat all day." And the man says, "He looks really familiar." :-) I took some more cough syrup when I started coughing again, & slept most of this loooong 3 hour flight. I am getting old...it seriously hurts my knees to sit that long. I don't know how tall people do it. I went to the baggage claim, & became a hero. Some little old lady couldn't grab her suitcase in time, & was resigned to waiting for it to come back around, so I caught it & handed it to her. Some guy standing next to me said, "That was impressive." How embarrassing....wouldn't anyone do that? Anyway, I finally spotted my stuffed bag, & went to stand on the curb & wait for Nick. I was highly amused by this female police officer directing traffic. She was a hoot, really tough, chewing people out, blowing her whistle, chasing after people, writing tickets...and she looked like a model! I waited 15-20 minutes, & Nick showed up. We had him come later than my flight landed, so I would have time to get my bag so he didn't have to drive around a million times. He's so sweet, he agreed to take me to Sav-On so I could get my pictures developed at 1 hour photo (which took 2 hours). I just couldn't wait to see my pics. Nick was a saint...in addition to picking me up, he paid two bills for me while I was away. I don't know what I would do without him. Honestly. But as he told me more & more about my house situation, I got more & more agitated. I think I will have to save that story for another day, cause my hands are tired of typing, & my ass has fallen asleep. I have been at this since 3PM, & it's now 7:30! Geez! And I am a fast typer, too (ok, I took some breaks here & there).

So...that was my trip. Whew!

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