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OK. I am definitely a mom.

Ernie wanted to jump up on my lap at the pc, & Bella was sniffing his butt (hey, they are cats!).

I saw a SPIDER webbing it's way down from Ernie's butt.....it easily could have bitten Bella in the face or Ernie on the ass.

Without thinking, I reached over & squeezed the spider between my fingers.

Yes, it died. It was a scary looking one, too.

And now, 30 minutes later, I still cannot get over the creeps. Not only did I touch a spider, I killed it in my fingers.

Have I mentioned my IMMENSE fear of spiders? I mean, IMMENSE? I HATE them. And I just touched one to say my babies.

Yep. Still can't get rid of the creeps I am feeling. *ack*

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