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Tomorrow would be my 4th day in a row doing JT at work. Sunday will be my 6th day in a row. Although....yesterday, I caught a break. My vocal cords really need a rest. We are down to two JTs, & Erin had surgery on Wednesday, so she's out until the 11th or so. Thankfully (although financially not a good thing), after this weekend, we go back to weekends only. I am SO burned out on this job. The same shows over & over & over....and very little for me to do in them. No challenge whatsoever....anyway, the night before last, they painted the slurry at our work location, so yesterday, it being wet still, we got out of doing shows & just did meet & greets all day. That was a really nice break. But I still had to do it today, & for the next 3 days. Zzzzzzzzz. Bored to tears....frustrated beyond frustrated (cause I need out of this job but can't afford to give it up).

Oh well....

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