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Well, I guess it's nice to know I am unforgettable. It's amazing the impression you make on some people.

It's amazing how things end, & you move on. You don't dwell, nothing. When LJ "friendships" end, you are able to move on with your life. You just figure that person came into your life for a reason, accomplished that reason, & moved on. Thanks for the memories, so to speak. You stop following their journals. If you have truly moved on, why would you give a hoot what they are saying, what they are going through, etc? Moving on is moving on. Letting go is letting go. Deep, I know.

These certain sad people....I know they know I have moved on, because I know that at least one of them logs the IP addresses of the people coming to their journal. I am missing from that list of people, because I don't give a flying fig about them. I mean, I don't wish these people any ill will, in fact, I wish them the best life has to offer them. But I no longer care to follow their lives.

And yet....THEY can't move on. THEY can't let ME go. THEY can't get over ME. THEY cannot move on with their lives. Isn't that sad? It would be one thing if an ex-LJ "friend" continued to follow your journal. That's one thing. I could understand keeping up with someone you once cared about. Sure. Not too far far-fetched. But to start a LJ community JUST about this person, just to ridicule this person? Wow. Get a life people. Or make the one you have better. Geez, *I* don't have much of a life, I have free time, but I'd rather paint my toenails than waste energy on a former "friend" whom I no longer care about. You see, if you are using all this energy to mock the ex-friend, you are not over him/her. You have not moved on with your life. You are a sad, pathetic human being. You have no life. You are way bitter. You simply can't let go. If you cling to me, you are giving ME all the power. You are wasting precious time & energy to follow my journal & then mock it. Why would you bother? Why would you give enough of a crap to do that? It's like being stalked, honestly. If you hate me, have & life, & have moved on....you wouldn't form a community group based on making fun of me. That's soooo lame, soooo childish, sooo immature, & soooo sad & pathetic. Do you enjoy belittling someone who is severely depressed? That gives you pleasure? Scary. Do you honestly THRIVE on being cruel & bitter? Is that your life's breath? Sad. Truly sad.

Did you think I wouldn't find the group eventually? Did you think I wouldn't guess by your cryptic front page what that group was about, especially when I saw the 5 members & the reference to "the goddess?" I would love to know what I did to each of you to make you that spiteful. If only I cared enough to ask.

Girls....get over me. Let me go. Let go of the bitterness, forget the past. What's happened has happened, just chalk it all up to experience & move on with your lives. You can't even claim you are doing this strictly for entertainment, because SURELY there are more entertaining things out there than my life. Surely. Truly, I am very flattered with all the attention you continue to give me, with all the energy you continue to waste on me....but do get on with your life...or hey...just get one.

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