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Sitting here....Duncan at my feet....friend Amy in the living room talking to her boyfriend on the phone, playing with Ernie...sleepy, must go to bed soon.

I stayed at my friend Erin's house last night. She just had surgery, so I thought I'd go over to keep her company & look after her a bit (like her mother, brother, & boyfriend weren't enough). She taught me how to crochet, & since I had more than one needle & more than one spool of yarn, she started working on one for me. I am making a blanket for my grandmother. It will be blue & orange, Auburn University colors. She will love it. It won't be great, but she will still love it because I made it. I don't know if I should give it to her for Mother's Day or next Xmas. People think I am awful for saying this, but the reality of my grandparent's age is that I never know if I will spend another Xmas with them. Momme Dot acts like she WON'T see another Xmas. So maybe Mother's Day is a better idea. Problem is, I want to give it to her in person. Maybe I could give it to her on the cruise in June, & say it's a "late Mother's Day/thank you for the cruise" gift. Erin is so good at it. In the time it took me to to one row across (with many mistakes), she had done at least 3 rows. Of course, she's been doing it for 3 years & I just started, & I was doing it too tight, too. It's fun, but a definite challenge, & my hand/fingers/arm keeps cramping up. But it gives me something productive to do that I can do on movie sets or whatever. Now I am REALLY a spinster! Mary also taught me how to knit! So I am doing both, AND I got 2 latch hook kits. I guess I am feeling crafty. I used to do latch hooks ALL the time, with my mom. I am knitting a scarf for me, & I got material to knit scarves for both grandmothers & my sister. I also plan to crochet blankets for my other grandmother & my dad (throw blankets, not bed size). I figure I have til next Xmas (I am not exactly "speedy" yet). Can't take it on a plane, though...they'd consider the needles "weapons." Isn't that sad? I realized that I had a small pair of folding scissors in my purse, & made it through the scanners twice at the airports. Knitting is much easier than crocheting, but I feel more challenged with the crocheting.

Can someone explain cat behavior to me? Duncan uses Ernie's kitty litter boxes. Ernie uses Duncan's when I am not around. Even though his food dish will have food, Ernie eats Duncan's. Even though his water dish is full of clean water, Ernie will drink from Toby's water dish. Is this an "assert my dominance" thing? It worries me a bit...because I am not sure if Duncan is getting enough food, or if Ernie is eating more than his share. I obviously cannot really monitor it.

I still haven't talked to Alicia yet. She was off today. I appreciate everyone's advice & words of support. I wondered if I was over-reacting. Like Towanda, I am not remotely good at confrontation. I think I DO need to talk to her about it, though, as un-fun as that will be....because otherwise, it will fester. I am going to do it calmly, & if she starts getting defensive, I will point out two things to her....(1) how she always agrees with me that extreme defensiveness is a sign of guilt, & (2) since she is so into mediation, she needs to go home & reflect on this matter deeply & see if she can be honest with herself that she did something wrong. What I don't understand is why, if she didn't want to watch my house, WHY she accepted the responsibility. I gave her plenty of chances to back out of it. I know here car isn't the greatest, she could have just told me her car wasn't reliable enough to make the drive back & forth. I would have understood. But she ACCEPTED the responsibility, & then shirked it off onto Amy. And then lied about being sick. And even Amy, who has tried to defend Alicia's behavior, said that she didn't think Alicia was being honest about the times she was supposedly at my house. I will definitely get the keys back, but I will hedge that first....and then tell her that we need to talk. I am just going to speak calmly & rationally, & honestly. If she gets upset...that's her problem. Erin said she asked Alicia regarding me, "Is she mad at you," & Alicia rolled her eyes as if she didn't care, or as if I was being ridiculous. All of this pains me to no end...because I truly considered Alicia my most trusted & closest friend. As an ironic matter of fact, I was thinking in AL how I needed to be serious with Alicia for a moment (we always joke around) & say, "I just wanted to let you know what a great friend you are, how much I appreciate your friendship, & consider myself blessed to have you in my life." And then THIS happens. I am distraught.

John, my ex in Al.....I just don't understand. He said he didn't want to know about me dating or having sex with anyone, & I told him, likewise, I don't want to know....and so far, he has forwarded me 3 emails between him & a girl in AL. The first one, he forwarded me an email from himself to her, asking for her phone number. I spoke with him about it, & he said he certainly didn't do it on purpose, it was a complete accident, & he has no clue how it happened. Today, I log on after 2 days, & there are two forwards from him. One was TO this girl, saying, (regarding getting her phone number), "I guess not then....so bye." (she hadn't given him her #) The second one was FROM her to him, saying, "No, it's not that, I have just been busy, & besides, we were supposed to have lunch before Xmas & you forgot. How was your Xmas?" I did notice she STILL didn't give him her phone number. But why am I getting these emails? I am not going to mention it to him again, cause I am curious to see if it happens any more, or if the last couple of days were flukes. It sure is odd....

I think I pissed off an online acquaintance the other night. I certainly didn't mean to, & while I have a suspicion of how I might have (but I could be wrong), I really have no clue. But she certainly seemed to get snippy with me, so I just bid adieu & went along my way. You can't please everyone all the time.

So....I am about to bounce a check. I need to find a way to deposit about $250 by Sunday night, to cover checks that will cash Monday. **sigh** It just never ends.

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