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I had a major seizure at work yesterday. My first---and hopefully last---ever. We had just gone onstage for a performance, so it happened in front of the audience....luckily for me, there were 3 firemen in the audience who came to my rescue, I guess. I say "I guess" cause I don't remember ANYTHING. It was really scary to my co-workers, whom are all good friends. An employee who saw it started screaming on the radio, "Alice is having a seizure," so all my supervisors, all the techs, everyone came running. Guests were still watching, too. I hate that they will have to explain that to their young children. Apparently, there was a lot of blood on the stage, cause I almost bit my tongue off...it had a huge cut from my teeth, & it's still pretty nasty. No kissing for a while, at least not with tongue! :-) They did a CAT scan & it was normal, so we don't know what caused it....I, personally, think it was from hitting my head so hard & so many times the last few days....but what do *I* know??? I definitely think I am too old to just begin having random seizures. They gave me some anti-seizure medication directly into my IV last night that has completely doped me up. I couldn't stand up, walk, or even hold my own head up last night....and after sleeping it off a bit, I'm not too much better. I suppose I'm gonna live!

Alicia recounted the whole story for me, because I have no recollection of it at all. The first thing I remember is opening my eyes & seeing a bunch of people staring down at me with looks of concern on their faces. Ramona the head nurse, Brett (my friend who was the EMT on duty), Roger (a friend in security), & then just random strangers, paramedics, etc. I remember they asked me the date, & I didn't know. They asked me the day of the week...I didn't know that either. They asked me the year...nope. Nothing. The next thing I remember, they were lifting the stretcher up, rolling me out the back way, & loading me into the ambulance. I remember there was a male & female paramedic with me, & I remember the male telling me I was going to feel a little prick when he put the IV wire in. I think my brain started coming back to me a little bit more at that point, but pretty much the next thing I knew, I was in the ER. They had me in that horribly uncomfortable cervical collar, laying on that uncomfortable flat board. I remember someone saying, "We were going to cut your clothes off," & me saying, "I'm glad you thought against that, because wardrobe custom made this for me, & they'd be really pissed." My main nurse ended up being the EMT who helped me at Knott's a few days ago when I hit my head at work. He felt really bad that he didn't take that head injury more serious. He was so sweet to me. At some point they took me for a CAT scan (great, another $5000 medical bill I cannot afford), but it came back normal. The doctor said I needed to go see a neurologist, but I really don't have the money for that. Sometime after that, Alicia showed up. She was a sight for sore eyes. I had to ask her what happened.

She said just before the show, I was leaning down telling her something that Chad had said to me. We were emailing each other funny emails all day. She said I stopped mid sentence, & didn't say anything else, I didn't respond to her. Then I went to fling open the curtain for our entrance (yeah, whole audience watching), & apparently, headed straight over to the stage stairs, grabbed the railing, & fell down & started seizing. Alicia & Maranda & Marcus (our tech in the booth) said I let out a noise that will haunt them for the rest of their life. Alicia said is way all the air rushing out of my lungs, combined with a scream. I bit my tongue at some point, almost clear off. They said there was quite a bit of blood on the stage. Alicia gestured to the tech immediately to cancel the show, & ran backstage to try to throw the costume off (she was in Charlie Brown, & they really can't dress or undress themselves....that's my job).

That's about all I can remember. I would like to think it IS from the head injury, cause 32 is awfully old to just randomly start having seizures. It was a bit scary.

That medication they gave me last night is apparently still in my system. I can just BARELY walk without falling over. My tongue hurts immensely, but I hear it heals faster than anything else in your body. Everyone says I should get a tongue piercing since I already have the hole. No thanks. I have a poke mark on my right arm from the IV, a poke mark on my left arm from them drawing blood, my tongue is a mess, I broke some blood vessel in my left wrist when I fell, & I think I have assorted bumps, bruises, & cuts all over me. I feel like I have been run over by couple of semis, & dragged thousands of feet. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow, I was already--thankfully--scheduled off today. They had to cancel the Calico Show & the Treelighting show last night, because not only was there no one to take my place, but the girls were really emotional, especially Maranda. I guess our area manager gave them full shift pay & sent them home. I felt especially bad because there are like 20 kids & some carolers in the Calico Show, & they all had to miss it. Everyone's going to stare at me funny when I go back.

Alicia called my dad & sister from the ER. Well, she called my sister, who 3-wayed my dad. I know they are very concerned. I called Momme Dot on the way home....I hope I didn't give her a heartattack, but I didn't want her hearing about it from anyone but me.

By the time I woke up this morning (initially at 5AM, & then back to sleep until 11), I had emails, text messages, & phones calls from just about everyone at Knott's, calling to see how I was. My area manager left a message saying if she didn't hear from me, she'd keep calling me. Tim, my direct supervisor, left a message. He's been in Vegas, & probably just found out this morning. Two friends in security wanted to know how I was....I was like, dang, this news has traveled like wildfire....but then again, she DID announce it over the radio to the entire park, & everyone in Entertainment knows who Alice is. I feel loved. :-)

I don't know what I will be able to eat or drink til my tongue heals, cause it hurts to move it...hurts to talk, etc. I don't know if I will be able to perform tomorrow, or even Sunday...but not only can I honestly not AFFORD to miss a day of work (I haven't paid my rent, car insurance, or car payment...all overdue due to lack of funds), there is NO ONE to take my place. Mary is my sub, but Tim needs her for suit. I know I shouldn't feel badly for the company, but that's just my nature. It's my obligation. These shows are important. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I think I will go lie down for a while.

Comments aren't necessary, cause I know how loved I am around LJ land. :-)
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