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Wow....am I exhausted.

Today was my first full day back after the "incident." I look like I have gone through hell. The bruise on my left wrist is horrific. I found out that they tried to put an IV line in on the stage, but my vein burst. Yeah, pretty gnarly bruise from that. The bruise on the back of my leg is terrible, too, but at least you can't see that one. However, the tip of my tongue is still numb & swollen, so I spoke & sang with a bit of a lisp. The audience was probably wondering why Knott's hired someone with a lisp. :-) They are lucky I am performing at all, so soon. It really tired me out, though. It takes more energy to be perky & bubbly than most people think. My tongue still hurts very badly, too. It's really the only thing that actually "hurts." The big hole in my tongue isn't healing, for some reason. You take things for granted when it comes to your tongue. I would always run my tongue over my teeth after eating, to make sure no food sticks around....I can't do that. My tongue won't go over my teeth, it's too swollen. Everyone wants to see my bitten up tongue, but then it makes them queasy.

I have certainly had tons of people stop me & ask me how I am. There's even an investigation going on into certain behavior. Louis & Marcus were our techs that day, Marcus being trained. I am friends with both of them. Louis ran down the second I started seizing, & Marcus was kinda thrown into a trance. I guess that Louis was craddling my head & wiping the blood from my mouth, when he turned me over to the paramedics, after the seizure. Well, Entertainment One--who was Scott---turned to Louis & Marcus & said, "Don't you have any projects you could be working on?" This was taken as being very insensitive. I know Louis & Marcus did not appreciate it, & complained to Ken, their & Scott's supervisor. I guess Ken chewed Scott out, & the incident is under investigation. I feel bad about that. But it was pretty insensitive.

I guess I never really realized how many people care about me there. Shirley, our wardrobe lady, left me a note with her home & cell number, & wanted me to call her & tell her how I was & what happened. Ramona, the head nurse, was so happy to see me today & gave me her numbers, saying she was adopting me, since she knew I didn't have any family. Julie, my area manager, was beyond happy to see me this morning, & engulfed me in a giant hug. Everyone seemed really happy to see me. The techs were glad to see me. Everyone wanted to hug me. It was very touching.

But I am soooo tired. Going to bed now. In the morning, I will wake up early & make cupcakes for the firemen who came to my rescue...their squad is working tomorrow.

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