Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

As bad as this seizure was, it was truly a blessed event.

Things could have been SOOOO much worse. What if I had been driving on the freeway, going 70 MPH? I spend a great deal of time on the freeway. That would have been disasterous, for others as well as me. What if I had been home alone? There would have been no one here to help me, & I could have choked on my tongue blood. Knott's Berry Farm IS my family, & what better way to have a seizure than surrrounded by your family? I mean, I feel bad that the audience---including young children---had to see it, but from what I understand, I was pretty hidden behind the Xmas tree (another lucky coicidence). Alicia said that she was going to cancel the show backstage when she knew something was wrong...but that would have been bad. First of all, it was a much smaller area, I would definitely have struck my head on something. Where I ended up collapsing---on the stage---was a much better, more open area to fall. Also, having fallen right onstage, the firemen in the audience were able to instantly see it, & come to my rescue. They wouldn't have known what was going on backstage, & the girls were in costume & wouldn't have been able to help me. And how blessed am I that there WERE firemen in the audience, right in the section where I fell? That's pretty dang lucky. It just happened to be firemen/policemen appreciation month at Knott's. Pretty lucky. I'm lucky that April saw it happen & had a radio to call it in right away. I'm lucky that it was during THAT show & not the big Calico show later that night. That would have been much worse, for many reasons. It would have been a bigger audience, it's in the dark (night show), I would have been in a Dickens dress, with a huge hoop skirt, I would have been surrounded by children onstage, etc. It would have been awful. I tell ya....if I had to have a seizure, I had it at exactly the best time & the best location & the best situation! I couldn't have asked for a better situation!

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