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I am over my infatuation of John. That's a good thing. Especially since I won't see him until May, if then. At this point, he's still insisting he's going to come out, but I just don't know. Time will tell. He might end up coming out, but be involved with a woman back in AL, so it will be nothing more than a friendly visit. That's fine. Whatever. It's not like I don't have possibilities here in Cali. I am meeting some cute guys online. We'll see if they also have the intelligence & personality required...

I got my trust check & it was immediately gone to pay bills. I paid bills that I was behind on, & bought groceries---both good things---but this means I don't have rent for February. Weekends at Knott's won't cut it. Not to mention more bills coming in & car insurance, etc. My dad did find some health insurance that might work for me, & would be considerably less than I pay now. Not as good coverage, of course....but I just can't swing the $245 a month. I really couldn't swing the $215. And considering I hardly ever go to the doctor...it's just a bit ridiculous.

What a crappy week this has been, work-wise. I have called in available every day this week for extra/stand-in work, & there's been NOTHING. Rodney had made it seem like there would be TONS of work starting this month. But nothing. Nada. Very frustrating. I did talk to Craig yesterday, & he received my headshot & resume. He thinks he will be able to help me, because he's building quite a good reputation for himself, & people trust him to hire them good workers. In fact, he spoke by phone yesterday to Steven Spielberg! He's making contacts left & right, & he wants to help other actors. He already submitted me for a movie that could make me $100,000 if I got a role. Heck, I'd be happy with $10K or even $1,000! I'd be happy to just work!!! I just know that things had better pick up soon, or I'm in trouble!

I am sleepy today. I don't know why. I got enough sleep. I have to go bathe Toby (oh joy, he loves baths!), & then I think I will do a bit more work on the net, & then go lay down & crochet! I am making decent progress on MeMama's blanket. I had to stop working on Momme Dot's, because I ran out of blue, & I don't know how to bring in another roll of yarn yet.

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