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Happy New Year, LJ Land!!!!

I am spending this NYE the way I always do....home alone, safe & peaceful. Too many idiots drive drunk on NYE, so I avoid it all by staying home. I am uncomfortable around people drinking, & most people seem to think that drinking alcohol is the ONLY way to ring in the new year, so I just stay here.

My honey is working until 2AM, otherwise he'd be with me. Yes, I said "my honey." I am dating a great guy named Nathan. He's just the most awesome thing on Earth, in my eyes. He is sooo sweet to me, & I think I truly deserve that. He's tall (6'4), gorgeous, has a great work ethic, is funny as hell, smart....he's just awesome. I am happy as can be.

Getting over my illness, I think. I feel a little better today, anyway. I just pray I am healthy by Monday, to go back to work on the movie.

I saw the neurologist today. She ordered a sleep-deprived EEG, hoping to catch my brain waves doing something funny. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season, & I wish everyone the BEST in 2004!!!!!

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