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I've been up cleaning since 7:30AM. I made a lot of progress, though. Well, I spent a good bit of time online, too. I edited pictures of me with celebrities to hang on the wall. That all took a while.

My landlord came by. We chatted for a while. I still owe him $400. He's remarkably patient with me. I had hoped to get my check today but didn't. Now, if I get it tomorrow or Saturday, it won't be credited until Monday, at least. Sheesh. What's taking it so long?

I found out some interesting stuff from my UPS delivery man, Earl, today. I will write about it tomorrow, cause I am too tired to get into the story tonight.

I might be single again. Who knows? Nathan & I got into a ridiculous tiff Tuesday night, & have barely spoken two words since. I have called him & left repeated messages, & he has just ignored me. Mind you, he's the one that screwed up, too. I will have to get into that tomorrow, too. Boy....I just have the GREATEST luck with men. I swear, I really thought I had found me a good one, & it honestly seems like he has been possessed by an alien. I don't even know what to think. He just won't talk to me. Lame.

I watched "Friends" tonight & could not BELIEVE how much weight Courtney Cox-Arquette had gained in her face with her pregnancy. I wouldn't have thought it would have shown up so fast, the extra weight. She looks SO different! I mean, she's teeny tiny...so the extra pounds really show in her face. Good for her, though, I know she's been trying to get pregnant for a while. She's a nice person, I wish her & David all the best.

I have to take Ernie back to the vet tomorrow. He's had the kidney stone since August now, & it's not going away. He continues to be in a lot of pain. So they are going to re-test him tomorrow....and then I don't know what they will do. I don't know if they will try more medicine & food (which would be very complicated with 4 cats) or decide to go ahead & remove it...& then I don't know how they go about doing that. He's pretty old to be having surgery. And if they don't comp it, how in the WORLD would I pay for it? But he can no longer suffer like this, that's for sure. My makeup artist, Isabel, communicates with animals, & she says he's in a LOT of pain. We can't have that.

Anyway, enough for tonight, more tomorrow, I hope.

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