Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

So I guess everyone is really upset that I haven't written in a while. Come on, you know I am boring! :-)

Honestly, I have just been way too busy. I am hardly on the internet at all anymore. No, it's nothing exciting that's keeping me busy, unfortunately. Just life & stuff.

I wake up at 6AM every day (Mon-Fri) to go workout at the gym. I am actually getting some biceps for the first time in my life! That's exciting! The gym is always an interesting experience. I work my butt off there, but can't help noticing the hot guys with the hot bods lifting weights around me. Makes the pain more bearable. :-)

Then I go straight to work & do 4-5 shows...more exercise. It's getting warm out here, too, so it's HOT onstage.

Then I sit in traffic for a while, or maybe run some errands, & when I get home, I read for a bit, & I am usually asleep by 9PM....10, at the latest, sometimes 8, when I am really exhausted.

So I have very little internet time. I am going out on a date right now, but I will try to update more later. :-)

Miss you all!
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