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I just saw myself on "Friends" again. I was in the background of 3 different scenes. Ironically, I saw myself a good bit in the first scene, & supposedly, I was sitting someplace "never seen" on camera. Then how did I keep popping up? I saw myself from the back walking to the bathroom in Central Perk. And in the last scene, all I saw was my back & my hair, in a braid. It was a funny episode. Ah...someday, I shall have lines in something! I honestly think the actors on "Friends" are some of the best comedic actors around. Their take on things is just so perfect.

Duncan is sitting smack dab on my lap...makes it a little hard to type.

Toby still runs in & stares where the rats used to sit. I wonder how long it will take him to realize they are really NOT there!

I have been working my butt off to "spring clean" my house. Because it's me, it's very slow going, but I am making some really good headway. You can actually see the floor in my office, especially under the desk. I can't remember the last time I saw under there. And I can actually move my computer chair around, there is nothing on the floor in the way. I have a little bit more to do, & then this room will be as good as it's ever gonna get! I just about finished the bathroom today. I cleaned parts of the floor that haven't been cleaned since I moved in. Yes, I know, that's disgusting. I rearranged the linen cabinet, & went through all my body sprays. I threw some away, put some in a bag to offer to my friends, & put some brand new ones in a box to "recycle" as gifts. :-) The bathroom is the cleanest it's ever been. But I have to get a new shelf-thingy to put over the toilet...the one I have is broken. That will have to wait til I get some $$$.

My cousins sent me 3 CDs they burned for me. Soooo sweet of them!

I also got a CD of the soundtrack to the musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

I looked on monster.com for some jobs....I kinda applied for one. I think the posting was old, so it's probably filled already. It would be perfect for me....a job in customer service for a perfume website! Holy mother! If I can't be acting, I'd be thrilled to be doing something related to perfume! Ideally, I'd like a graveyard shift at some sort of call center....like a "0" operator or a Sprint PCS operator or a 411 operator. Something like that.

Tomorrow morning, I need to get up early. I have to go check out a few mobile home parks (no laughing, please). My dad won't leave me alone until I do. I also need to call 10 used car dealers to see if they want my car...I promised him I would. And then I need to go pick up my repaired CD burner...but I don't have the $120 it's gonna cost me! **sigh** I honestly, honestly have NO clue how I am gonna pay rent this month.

Then I drive down to Erin's, & we are going to some spa-type place to use gift certificates she got. And then....we are going to a "penis party." I think it's actually called a Pleasure Party (they sell sex toys, lingerie, oils, etc.), but Erin makes up her own words for things (for instance, there is a milk brand called Milk Chug, & she calls it Muck-A-Chuck). So she dubbed this a Penis Party. I am sure it will be lots of fun & laughs...too bad I don't have any money to buy anything! :-) Good thing I don't need anything.

I have begun corresponding with some cool guys. There's John & Daniel & Paul & Lindy & Eric & Erick & Kyle & Joseph. Joseph lives in Seattle, though...he's moving to San Diego in a year. The others live locally. John & Eric are both 6'5 (if you don't know I am 5'0). Eric seems really cool, & John seems great, & Daniel, I like a lot. I just haven't corresponded with Paul, Lindy, Erick, & Joseph as much yet. They are all interesting possibilities. I am having dinner with John & Eric next week, & trying to plan something with Paul & Daniel. Wooo-hoo! Fun, fun, fun! :-)

I guess that's it for now....

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