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I text messaged Aaron to let him know I was going to CN for my lunch break, so he met me there. We got to spend 20 minutes or so together. I ran out of crackers & he went to go get some more for me. I told him I could meet him back there for HIS break, & he said he would text me to let me know when he got to CN, so I could go over. Well, he never messaged me. He finally messaged me to tell me he was heading back to work, finished with lunch. I asked him why he never messaged me, & he said he DID, & even checked to make sure it sent.

As I was leaving, he came out to the parking lot in the security vehicle to see me for a few minutes before I left. He started laughing, & I asked him what was so funny. He said it turned out that he had sent the message saying he was going on lunch to Christina...the thorn in my side. So he didn't send it to me...he sent it to HER. Ugh. I didn't find that very funny. We have different area codes, how did he get confused? He said it was an accident. I say it was a Fruedian (sp?) slip.

I am so poor. I desperately need new front brakes, & an oil change. No money for any of that. I don't have money for my basic bills. I am so poor that I am po. I can't afford the "or." This sucks.

My stomach has been awful the last couple of months. I think I am going to have to do to the doctor about it. It's really getting inconvenient & painful & annoying. And I keep getting colds. I got a cold on Saturday, suffered the brunt of it on Sunday, & today, saw no sign of it. Weird.

My dad saw "Raising Helen" yesterday. He said my name rolled by in the credits longer than my face was on screen! And before the movie, they showed the "Princess Diaries 2" trailer, & he saw me more in THAT trailer than in "Raising Helen." That's Hollywood!

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