Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Life sucks.

Yeah, yeah.

Just got back from Europe. Yeah, I know it's SO awful to get a free trip to Europe, but it actually was quite depressing. Fun, of course. Wonderful, of course. But depressing.

I really missed Aaron. And I was broke, so here I was in Europe, with no money to spend. I occasionally would mooch off my family, & that just makes me feel like shit. My family was buying stuff, & every time I saw stuff I wanted but couldn't buy, it just depressed me...cause then I would remember my bills back home that I couldn't pay, either. It was just sad.

And I have been having increasing pain in my abdomen. That hasn't been fun. I think I might know what I have now, but I can't get into that right now. Hopefully, it is cureable & I have caught it early enough. No worries...yet. But I am definitely uncomfortable. It's a nagging pain, & I have had enough.

I barely made rent. I had a new roommate moving in this month, to help with the bills (Alicia moved out, she couldn't pay)....but she backed out LAST minute. Her mother came over to help her & is apparently a snob...saw the neighborhood & the house, & said NO WAY would she pay her daughter's rent to live here! Well, excuse the fuck out of me. I have what I can afford, & it ain't that bad anyway! So I had to come up with the full amount instead of half, & I was not counting on that. I made it, but that took my car payment & car insurance payment. I still need to pay electricity & cable, too. *sigh* It just never ends.

I am going to look into working at the airport on my two days off. It will kill me, but I might have to make some sacrifices in my health to pay the bills. I am pursuing a dream, & I will do what I have to do. I figured if I got an airport job, I might get discounts on airfare, too, & that would be cool. The guy sitting next to my grandmother in First Class to Barcelona, he works 2 days a week for Delta, & gets to fly anywhere he wants in First Class for really cheap. He decided 30 minutes before the flight to spend a few days in Barcelona. Must be nice. I am also going to look into a couple of other things.

The cruise director staff on the ship offered me a job. But I am too settled for that. I cannot uproot & spend 6 months or more on a cruise ship. I have 4 cats, a boyfriend, & a HOPEFULLY blossoming career in LA. I would have jumped at the chance years ago, but now...no. They just thought I was so personable on the cruise, they wanted me on their staff. Very flattering.

The cruise was fun. The jet lag is not. I will write more about the cruise soon, when I have more time. I have to get ready for work.

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