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Can anyone spare any money? I need $400 to cover my rent this month or possibly face eviction. And I desperately need $130 to put my poor kitty to sleep this Friday. I have the appointment, but don't have the money. He's in horrible pain...I can't put it off any longer. Anybody spare anything? Yep, I am a lame asshole for asking for money on livejournal. I don't care. Lame asshole I am, then. When you get to my stage of financial stress, you don't have any pride. Desperate times call for desperate measures, blah, blah, blah. I know people on LJ aren't wealthy. But my lifelong personal philosophy is "It never hurts to ask." So I'm asking. I have a PayPal link on my user info page. If anyone around her reading this happens to have money just laying around, & wants to help a poor, pathetic struggling actress keep her apartment & end her kitty's torture, please help.

Oh Lord, take me now. I am asking for money from virtual strangers on the internet. They put lame horses out of their misery...why not lame humans??? I am ready.

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