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There's just no getting ahead for me. I got caught up on my car payments....and now another one is due, & no money to pay it.

I just got a late bill for my electricity. If I don't pay $110 by Nov. 2nd, my power will be shut off. I don't have the money. $125 is due for my phone bill by tomorrow or Saturday, or I will lose my phone. I don't have the money. Rent is due ($800) by the 5th. I don't have it. Car insurance is due by the 28th, $176. I don't have it. Cable bill is past due. I don't have it. And I don't even have money to buy food. I am starving. No food. No money. And once this tank of gas runs out...I am out of luck.

I got 2 weeks or so of financial relief. Now I am right back down there. I went for my annual female checkup & I checked "yes" on the question that asked if I was having any suicidal thoughts at the present. The doctor asked me about it, "relationship problems...". I said, "money worries." Anything else takes a serious backseat for me. I still have issues with Aaron, but that's not even on my mind right now.

I really need to get this job I am going for. I passed the written exam, & have the oral interview on the 1st. There are so many others up for it, it's going to be tough. And it takes me away from performing, but I just might have to take a break with that for a bit, long enough to get debts paid off & get some money saved up. This job would pay me substantially more than Knott's...it would put me in an entirely new tax bracket, in fact!!!! I REALLY need to get it.....so cross your fingers & say some prayers for me. If I got it, my incoming my just exceed my outgoing for the first time in my life!!!! That's a pretty exciting thought!!!!!

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