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Under the topic of "my life sucks & can it get any worse," the sad answer is "YES!!!"

AFTER my paycheck today, I had NEGATIVE $230 in my account. -$230. Yep. And rent is due in a week or so, car payment is due, car insurance is due, cable & electricity bill is due, etc. Storage bill is overdue, & they might put a lien on my stuff soon.

I haven't been able to buy groceries in a long time.

Yesterday, someone gave me $10 for food. I went to the grocery store & got as much as I could for that $10. Got bargain brands on sale. Put the stuff in my cupboard.

Went in there to eat just now....ants....little fuckers crawling all over & all in everything I just bought at the store. Food wasted. Wasted food. No food for me. The ants were hungry. It's not even ant season anymore, it's chilly outside. I spray & spray & spray, & they still like my house.
Especially my food. No food for me.

I needed to lose weight, anyway....
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