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Bad day to wear a thong

I just got home from the hospital. I was there almost 4 hours.

I had a car accident today. To say I am "okay" is stretching the definition of "okay" a bit, but I am not bleeding, not dead, & not still in the hospital, so I am "okay." My mid & lower back is KILLING me. On a scale of 1-10---10 being a kidney stone---I would say I am at about a 7-8. My tailbone hurts, so sitting to type this is fun (I just want to get it out really quick while it's fresh). Tomorrow.....boy, am I gonna hurt tomorrow! The back & neck X-rays came back clear. That's good.

I have a lot more to say about the accident (including the fact that the JACKASS who hit me---yes, it was entirely his fault---has no insurance, doesn't speak English, & doesn't even have a phone number), but I am in a bit too much pain to sit here & type a lot right now. I am supposed to ice my back every 2 hours for 48 hours...that ain't gonna happen. I am also supposed to go get a prescription filled of Darvocet...but I don't like pain medicine (I've already take ibuprofen & Tylenol).

I just don't even want to drive anymore. Do I have a sign on my car that says, "Hit me?" This is, like, my 3-4 accident....NONE my fault! What's the deal? Bad luck? Bad karma? What????? I am a really good person...I genuinely care about others, I am kind to people....I don't see how I could have such bad karma, unless it's from a past life! I am too good in this life to have bad karma from this life!

More later....when the pain stops....:-(

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