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I just had a cool experience that has me all hyped, so I thought I'd share before I turn in for the night.

Hector Elizondo, star of such movies as "Pretty Woman," "Princess Diaries 1 & 2," & the TV show "Chicago Hope," was starring in the Garry Marshall/Lowell Ganz play "Wrong Turn at Lungfish" at Garry's theatre. Tomorrow is their last performance, tonight was the last night performance, & incidentally, also Garry's birthday. Heather, Garry's assistant, arranged for me to get a ticket, even though the performances had been sold out almost before it opened.

It was a really good show, & Hector is just brilliant. The girl in it with him was really awesome, too, & playing her boyfriend was '80s sensation Jason Gedrick ("Iron Eagle," etc.). Boy, is he hot. Yum!

In the lobby, I saw Ellen, the 1st AD on all Garry's movies (& producer), & she didn't recognize me at first, then commented on how awesome I looked (*blush*). Then, in the audience, I spotted Julie Andrews & her husband, Blake Edwards. I went up to say hi to Julie, & she remembered me! That was soooo cool! She introduced me to Blake, & I said, "I was her maid." Julie said to him, "She's just the prettiest little thing." HEHEHEHEHE!!!! Whoooop-eeeeee! That was sooo cool!

After the show, I was hanging out in the lobby drinking cider & having cake (I didn't actually have any cake, but his cake was friggin' amazing!) with all these famous people. Jayne Brook was there, who starred in "Chicago Hope" with Hector. She has been in LOTS of things, & I have always liked her as an actress. She is a lot taller than I expected her to be! Then there was Alan Thicke, from "Growing Pains." Boy, did he look old! The Richard Grieco from "21 Jump Street." He still looked really good. I recognized a bunch of people from "PD2." There might be someone I am leaving out. I went up to Garry & gave him a birthday card. He said he'd be calling me soon. He asked me if I talked to Julie, & Ellen said I had, & I went over to Julie to say goodbye & tell her it was great seeing her again. She engulfed me in a big hug, & then looked at me & with all sincerity asked, "You are doing all right, then?" She's so sweet. I told Blake it was nice meeting him. Finally, I got to Hector, who had actually already spotted me & said hi. He came over & hugged me, & told me I looked "delicious." I told him I was ready for him to take me out for that lunch he spoke of. He looked at me questioningly, & said, "Are you okay?" I just said, "I need to be treated well." He said he would treat me well. :-) I will probably never hear from him, but it's a lovely thought. Then I stopped Jason Gedrick on the way out & told him I just wanted to meet him because I loved his performance. He held out his hand to shake mine & said, "And what's your name?" I told him, & told him what an asshole he was in the show, that's how I know he's a great actor. He laughed & said, "Type casting." He was sooo handsome.

It was a really cool night. THIS is why I want to be in this business. I just love it. The whole atmosphere. The whole vibe. Everything. I just love it. I drove home feeling inspired to push myself to make it. Everyone kept saying how great I looked with my new haircut & having lost weight, which inspires me to lose even more weight & look even better (trust me, I am not going to have any eating disorder, I love food too much...but even for a non-actor I need to lose some weight, particularly for my cholesterol level!). I really want this life.

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