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I found this on some guy's website.


"People who know me are familiar with my general hatred towards smokers. More than just having them share their toxic habit with me in the form of second-hand smoke, smokers really piss me off when it comes to their cigarette butts. For some illogical reason, smokers don't see their cigarette butts as garbage or waste. Instead, they seem to think their cancer-stick butts will improve the environment if they shower the earth with them. How kind. What do you do with an empty Pepsi bottle when you are finished with it? Do you just throw it on the ground? No! You find a garbage can to discard it into. If no garbage can exists within your close proximity, you would hold onto that Pepsi bottle until you found a trash receptacle. Now the scum of the earth, smokers. Many smokers are unaware of the ashtrays provided for them. They will flick their cigarette butt onto the ground when an ashtray is ten feet away. This disgusts me. These people should have 100lbs. of cigarette butts dumped into their homes so that they know how non-smokers feel when we look at the ground. I am sure those lazy wastes-of-spaces would change their ways then. Damn smokers.
The act of smoking shows a general weakness of character. The only reason people start smoking is because it is deemed "cool" by other smokers. Smokers are like wolves, they smoke in packs. They prefer not to smoke alone because they realize their addiction is ridiculous and they must justify their actions with another addict. What a waste. Which brings me to an objective look at smoking. Smoking's one benefit comes in the social setting. A great ice-breaker, smoking lets you meet new people. I say, fuck those people you meet. They are a waste of time and space, like all smokers. Smoking is expensive, gives the patron bad breath, makes them smell like an ashtray, stains their teeth, is unhealthy, and a destroyer of respect. Now all you smokers out there, compare that one benefit to the 6 deterrents and make sense of your addiction. Pathetic.

I don't understand how so many people can be as lazy as they are...overweight people are always looking for that miracle diet or pill that will drop weight within days. I say, get off your ass and exercise. Look at what you are eating and make improvements. Sure that way will take you longer to lose weight...but you didn't put on that extra weight in few days did you? Then do you think it is healthy to lose it that fast? The simple fact that you are "going on a diet" means that you will fail. "Going on a diet" implies that you eventually get off that diet. Everyone knows that when you return to your previous eating habits, the weight will return too. You have to make lifestyle changes in order to lose weight and keep it off for life.
I hate it when obesity in the U.S. is called a disease. Are you humping kidding? People become orca-fat because of over-eating and lack of exercise. Where is the mystery in that? Where is the disease in that? Well someone will say, my husband is obese, I am obese, and our son is obese too...it's genetics. Maybe in the sense of a slower than normal metabolism and weaker than normal brain. Your son is a tub because you and your husband share horrible eating & exercise habits and you taught it to your son. People in general just love to pass blame...they are the victim. "It's not my fault I am a big fat ass, I have a disease!" Bullshit! It is your fault in every way, shape, and form. Get in the gym for cardio 3-4 days a week, do some weight training a couple times a week...and for heaven's sake...put down those twinkies, ho-hos, chips, donuts, and candy bars."

Thoughts? Opinions? Wanna kill this guy? Wanna pat him on the back? Hey...at least he's not afraid to speak his mind, I suppose....
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