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Hmmmm....some guy recently responded to my personals ad. I went to read his profile, & it said: Smoking: I enjoy it; Body piercings: 2-3; Alcohol: enjoy drinking; Drugs: I occasionally take drugs; AND he's bald & has a goatee.

I wonder what part of: I am looking for a man who doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't do drugs, doesn't smoke, doesn't have body or facial piercings, has a full head of hair, & no facial hair......do you supposed he didn't understand? Hmmmmm....seems pretty easy to understand to me...perhaps the drugs have fried his brain cells. Or perhaps he looked at the picture, thought, "Dude! She's cute," & responded without bothering to read the profile. Either way....he's an utter idiot. But hey...it provided me with a good laugh!
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