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I am watching "Emergency!" Anyone remember that show? Some friends & I (even my sister) exchange DVD sets back & forth. I just 39 episodes of "Emergency!" to watch. I am STOKED! I forgot how good this show was. I mean, it's definitely cheesy by today's standards, but it's still engrossing & entertaining. I figure I must have watched reruns originally, because I was only a few months old when the first episode came out (early 1972). Based on these DVDs, it looks like the series ran from early 72 til 77....so I would have been months old when it started, only 6 when it ended. So either I watched reruns or have an excellent memory, or started watching them later into the series. I remember it being one of my favorites shows. Roy DeSoto & John Gage. I remember I could not pronouce the name "Roy" to save my life. I am sure I thought both John & Roy were cuties. Now, as I watch it, I think Dr. Brackett was a hottie! I don't remember thinking that back then. Haha, you watch how the dressed nurse Dixie back then....like any nurse today looks like that! Wow! Gosh, I love this show, & am enjoying my walk down memory lane....

When I was a kid, I also liked "Wonder Woman," "6 Million Dollar Man," "Bionic Woman," "Battlestar Galactica," "Love Boat," "Knight Rider," & "Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries." Anybody remember those shows? Anyone like them as much as me? You have to be as old as me...or older! :-)
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