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Ohmigosh................I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted!

How hard did I work in my backyard today????

Hard enough that when I went out there, I weighed 118.5, & when I came back inside, I weighed 116.5! Worked off 2 pounds! :-)

I have to concrete my backyard, & that, my friends, is no easy task. I have had 4 bags of concrete sitting on top of my dryer for 6+ months. I was waiting to hopefully have someone to help me. The bags weigh 60 pounds! That is more than half my body weight! On top of that, all my strength is in my legs, I have none in my arms/upper body.

So I spend a while pulling all the weeds. Then I SOMEHOW manage to carry the bags one by one to the mixing container, mix them up, & concrete away. I was up doing this before 8am, & it's a good thing, too, cause just as I was finishing up, the sun was hitting where I was working (meaning I would get sunburnt like I did working out there LAST Friday!). It doesn't look very good, but I don't give a shit. I just want that section concreted, looks don't matter to me! :-) I estimate I will need around 10 more bags of that concrete. I don't relish the thought of doing this again, cause my back aches somethin' awful, my whole body is shaking with overexcertion, & I am just pooped! There is a lot of salt mixed in with the concrete, cause I was just DRIPPING sweat (it was about 95 in the shade at 8am!). I was soooo tired, but I felt sooo productive! I am glad to have my dryer back. I don't think I will have a chance to finish until I get back from my trip (the 14th), & besides, I don't have the money for more bags of concrete right now, anyway. They aren't very expensive, no more than $2 or so a bag, but I need at least 10, & I am BROKE as can be right now.

I drank 40oz of water when I came inside (ok, 15 oz of Gatorade, 20 oz of water!), took a long shower (I was filthy), then set about doing MORE work. I have done 2 loads of laundry so far. Rinsed off some lawn furniture. Snipped some branches that were in my way. Cleaned the spiderwebs off the jacuzzi.

I am having a jacuzzi party tonight with a few friends, so I had to straighten up the backyard. I actually had no intention of doing the concreting today, but rather did it on a whim. I am glad I got it done, bummed I have more to do. I had a handyman quote me $900 to do it....which is why I decided to do it myself! I still have TONS of cleaning up to do in the living room for my guests, but right now, I think I am going to go pass out.....NAPTIME!!!!

PS Just a tidbit of trivia....the picture I used for this post was taken in the ER the day I had my seizure. I am laying on the gourney. It's kinda hard to tell, but my tongue is almost bitten in half...

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