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Why do sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.) make me really phlegmy? Anyone know what causes that? I love sports drinks, don't like gettin' phylegmy.

Grape Propel is the yummiest invention on the planet. *sluuuuuurp* I don't have the money to buy it very often. I relish it when I get to. Powerade Black Cherry Options is really nummy, too.

All I have had to eat today is a cup of applesauce & a cup of peaches. How much is it REALLY necessary to eat in a day to sustain good health. I worked so hard, I am not very hungry, & having lost 2 pounds, I don't want to gain it back, so I am hestitant to eat....besides, I need food/groceries, & don't have money, so....do you think a couple of fruit cups and lots of water are enough to stay healthy? People fast all the time, mostly for religious or political reasons, so it obviously cannot be THAT unhealthy. I am sure I will get hungry later & make a sandwich, anyway....
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