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I love my bedroom air conditioner. I bought it like 4 years ago & finally installed it. It has a timer on it, so I can have it off all day while I am at work, & I can set it to turn on at the time I get off work, so my room will be cool when I get home! I think that's TOTALLY BITCHEN!!!!!

Saw a movie with Mariah tonight...."Monster-In-Law"....a bit disappointing, some funny parts. We went to the dollar theatre....you can't beat seeing a movie for $1.50. We watched "Million Dollar Baby" at work today. It was pretty amazing. Terribly sad, but wonderfully acted & moving. It's as good as everyone said.

Talked to Mike for 45 minutes before I met Mariah. *sigh* He puts a gigantic smile on my face. I tried asking all these subtle questions designed to gauge his interest in me....TO ME, it "appears" he is just as interested as I am....but I hate to make ASSumptions & look like an ASS. I certainly don't want to get hurt again. We are going out Thursday night. I can't wait!!!! Wheeeeeee!

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    Still no clue what I'm going to do. No clue at all.

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