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Thursday night, I competed in Karaoke Idol on the ship, & qualified for the final round....only 4 guys, 4 girls TOTAL qualify....out of 3500 passengers. I came in 2nd for the females, & everyone says I was the best performance-wise, entertainment wise. Everyone else just stood there & sang, I actually danced & worked the crowd. Everyone I passed on the way back to my room loved me & said I should have won, but it's all good. It was fun. All the winner got was a bottle of champagne, which as you know, I wouldn't drink!

I do get a video of it! It was a whole big production! Everyone was really talented & nice backstage. I even got my two boy cousins & my uncle in the act. People have been passing me in the halls, & when they spot me, they start imitating my song (I did "Material Girl" by Madonna).

Tomorrow is St. Thomas....last day of the cruise....booo-hooo.....this is been one of the best times I have had in my life....long overdue!
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