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105 degrees???? Huh???? What the hell? Actually though, I found it to be more miserable around 90 in the Caribbean cause of the humidity. I didn't even leave the house today til after 12, so it might have gotten hotter than that. I know my car was a sauna when I got into it.

The day started kinda crappy. I had to go to Van Nuys to deal with my cellphone. That was the closest Sprint repair store. I hate Van Nuys. It's such a disgusting city. It should be burned down & rebuilt. The drive over there was extremely annoying. The offramp I needed was closed. I got off at the next one, turned around, got back on the freeway going the other way, & discovered there WAS no exit that direction. So I ended up on the 170, not really knowing where I was going. I found the place, but drivers around there were PISSING me off. It was hard to find a place to park....& then I was a fish out of water in the store. Probably around 30 people in there, I was most definitely the only Caucasian person in there. But the guy who helped me was really cool. He said the connection for the charger goes bad, so I had to get a new charger with the data cable on it, since the charger slot was basically now useless. They exchange it for free, but I still had to BUY a new one for my car. What a pain in the ass. But I left there with THAT annoyance lifted. I hadn't been able to fully charge my phone in weeks....& the beeping from it charging/not charging, charging/not charging was soooooooooo annoying. So I was soooooo relieved to get that problem fixed.

Then I went to the post office to mail some earphones back to my dad. I needed some noise-canceling headphones, & he was soooo happy to find some for me on ebay...but one side of them didn't work. He wanted me to mail them back to see if he could fix them. He probably can, my dad can fix ANYTHING (except maybe a broken heart!).

Then I went for my massage with shaktim. I was really early, so I was just going to kick it in my car for a while. He ended up coming out to let his doggies pee, & I recognized him, so I went in for the massage early. It was really nice & relaxing. I felt a lot better afterwards.

My friend, Alicia, got rushed to the ER today. She is diabetic & hasn't been taking care of herself. I swear, I am gonna smack her. She KNEW her insulin had gone bad, but was too broke to get more, & too prideful to ask for help. I would prostitute myself to give her money for insulin if it meant her life. Geez. They gave her lots of insulin, & luckily she is okay now. Last Friday night, she took half a bottle of Tylenol.....I don't know what she's going through, but I am not going to allow her to self-destruct.

Why do idiots keep emailing me tasteless emails? Strangers....guys I don't know.....emailing me sexual stuff. Soooo inappropriate. Leave me alone. I am not interested in that crap. Sheesh. Do I need to crop my cleavage out of that photo? How lame is that? Have some class, people....*rolls eyes*.....

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