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Sometimes it really sucks to be me.....

I finally meet a guy I like. I met this guy, Chris. I was surprised how much I liked him. Hadn't liked anyone like that in a long time. We got along really well, laughed a lot, enjoyed each other's company.

I have been really sick this week, & earlier this week, he brought me dinner. I told him he didn't have to....he said, "Is it okay if I want to?" :-)

But then he started to say something about how while he found me irresistible, he didn't think we were a good match. I knew there had to be more to it than that.

Sho 'nuff.

Today he told me this girl he'd had a crush on for years but never pursued suddenly asked him out....they went out the other night, & had a good time. He said he felt if he didn't give it a chance, he would always have regrets.

I can understand that.

But it's still a damn bummer for me....

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