Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

The Harris Hot House chili cook-off was a blast!

My first time ever camping out in a tent! Was sooo much fun, until the drunks awakened me at 12:30am, & then again at 3:30am (Stacy="SIT DOWN AND STUDY!!!!!"). Hee-hee. It was still a blast.

GREAT seeing old friends again, really great!

Thanks to Mom, Dad, & J & Mel for putting together an awesome event.

Kyle....man, I love you doode. I really, really, wwwweally do! Sooooo wonderful to see you & squeeze you again!

Alan, I tried to comment on your page, but you don't have me listed as a friend, so I was rejeeeeeeeeected. Boo-hoo! Love that smile of yours.

Stacy, tried finding you on myspace, no luck....wahhhhhhhhhhh! Anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Ryan....holy cow, where did that guy come from? Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Too much fun!

Kristine...best smile EVER! Next time...bring your suit...so you can take it off with us in the spa! ;-p

Dan & Chelsea...thanks for burning the HELL out of my tongue! (But your chili was delicious, & great seeing you both...Chelsea, how's your knee?)

Mike...brown chicken brown brown!

David.....he was a cutie & so helpful....helped Amber & I put our tent up. Sweetheart.

Mom, Dad....expect a package in the mail soon!

Mel, J....soooooooooo awesome seeing you guys! You both look great!

If I forgot anyone, don't take it personally! I am STILL exhausted (but happy) from my weekend excursion...
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