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My newest project

I could really use my LJ friends passing this along....if any of you are good at letter writing, it would be great if multiple people wrote to major magazines (PEOPLE, Cosmo, STAR, etc.) telling them about this, asking them to do an article on it, that would be the best!

Here's my new project....it's in a VERY basic phase. Videos will be added eventually, bells & whistles (I hope), a photo album, etc. This was done by a friend for free. There are even some errors up there right now. So keep all that in mind.

Please know I don't expect a donation. What WOULD be a HUGE help, though, is you guys telling everyone you know. ESPECIALLY people with money to spare, people who like to donate to worthy causes! Email everyone you know, especially in other parts of the country. Encourage them to buy a Cassie item--t-shirt, hat, bag, license plate frame, etc.--to publicize my site, & it would be great if you did, too. There's a shirt that's only $11. Buttons & stickers are pretty cheap. Yes, I want donations to the cause, but I also am hoping for immense publicity, too. It's kinda my last ditch effort to make something of my life & career. I actually think it might work, but definitely need to get the word out! Spread it around to all your peeps in your neck of the woods, & anyone else you know across the country & world! The only way this site will work & serve it's purpose is by word of mouth. Make the site address part of your signature when you send out emails (if your email program allows that!). I purposely made the site addy really easy to remember.


I appreciate--and will never forget--any & all help! :-)

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