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I'm soooooo excited right now. My life is a mess of negativity lately, between guy drama, health drama, no money drama/bill drama, etc. But a total stranger warmed my heart today.

I got a donation on my site!!! (www.sharingadream.com) I couldn't believe it! I woke up to the email telling me I got a donation. I would have done backflips down the hall, if I knew how to do backflips & if I had a hall! I had a few small donations here & there from friends, but you kinda hope your friends will support you. To see a total stranger donate to your dream....that's just amazing. I'm proud of myself, too, cause as far behind as I am on bills, I still put the money straight into my Sharing a Dream account, rather than using it to pay bills. I got a separate account just for that reason. I'm not known for my financial savvy, & I didn't want any money donated to pay bills & be spent on frivilous stuff. Although, my hope is that someday, donations will reach a point where I can use the money for living expenses, since part of my dream requires staying in CA, where it's super expensive to live. Maybe towards rent & cell phone.

Man, I'm just so touched...
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