Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Just a quick update...

I'm getting over my "afterglow" of my late summer love affair. There is still part of me that would like it to turn into something more, but I think the more realistic side is beating out the dreamer side. It would be so hard to have any type of relationship with this man, and it's pretty obvious--despite all his pretty words--that he's not interested, so that's that. There's still a guy here I'm interested in, but it's so hard to get to know him, cause he's so damn busy.

It looks like most of my health problems were related to an internal parasite. If so, I'd had that/those suckers in my belly for almost 6 months or so. Gross. Why couldn't they have figured that out BEFORE the colonoscopy and CT scan? Jeebus.

I need a new job. Badly. I need my career to take flight...you know, the film/TV acting one I've always wanted.

No donations to sharingadream.com lately, but TONS of international visitors, which is really cool!

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    Still no clue what I'm going to do. No clue at all.

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