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The Dating Details

I had a date last Wednesday, another date Thursday night, spent the night with Erin on Friday night, worked all day Saturday, spent the night with my
friend Eric from high school Saturday night, rehearsed at work all day Sunday, went out to dinner with my friend Reggie & sang at "Opera Night" on
Sunday night, had a date with another new guy on Monday night, worked on "The Division" all day Tuesday, saw "Mothman Prophecies" on Tuesday night with another new guy, went through my storage unit all day yesterday, & saw "Lord of the Rings" with another new guy last night (meeting all these guys from hotornot.com). I am exhausted. I think this is the most I have socialized in a looong time. But I am paying for it, too....soooo tired. Tonight, I am seeing "Sideshow" with my friend, Renee, & thus far, no plans for Friday night. Saturday night, I am going to the Magic Castle with a bunch of friends (after working all day), & so far, my only plans for Sunday are to work during the day...no plans that night.

No, I am not working enough, but doing my best. I am thinking about applying tomorrow to be a ticket seller at a local movie theatre. Woo-hoo! :-(

So yeah, lots of dates recently. I liked the one from Wednesday night, John. He was okay, we laughed a lot & had an enjoyable time. He was cute, tall (6'5), but a bit on the dorky side. I have only heard from him once since we went out, but don't care if I hear more from him or not. Either way is fine. We kissed a bit, but he didn't make my heart skip a beat, & it's always nice when that happens. :-)

Thursday night, I met Lyndy. He's tall, too (6'4) but REALLY dorky....rich, drove up in a Mercedes, owns an insurance company. He was cute in a dorky way, but not as cute as his picture (I don't understand how guys look cuter in their pics....since they don't wear make-up). He was a nice guy, but is divorced & has a kid, & I didn't feel any chemistry with him AT ALL. Haven't heard from him since, & don't expect to, & don't care. Chalk it up to a free dinner! :-)

Friday night, Erin, Mary & I went to have make-overs at this one store. We looked like hookers (but pretty hookers!) when we left. Mary is stunningly beautiful & Erin is very pretty herself (& I am not chopped liver!), so people were stopping outside the store windows to watch us getting made up. The ladies thought Erin & I were sisters, & it would be entirely possible...she looks more like me than my own sister. The lady who did my make-up chose me, which seemed curious to me. They told us each to choose what line of make-up we wanted to use, & my artist put her arm on me & said, "I choose you!" Ummm...okay! :-) We went back & had dinner with Shawn (Erin's fiance) & Erin's mother & brother, & then watched "American Pie 2" on DVD...and it was AWFUL! So poorly written! Stayed up all damn night burning CDs. I took my CD burner over there, cause Seth (Erin's bro) had a whole bunch of CDs that I really wanted. But I didn't get much sleep. I'd sleep, then wake up when a CD was done copying (approx. 20-30 minutes), burn it (takes 2 minutes), & then put another one in & go back to sleep. And so on & so on.

Saturday, we worked all day. And then I
went over to Eric's house. He was the one I was in that horrible car accident with my senior year. I had a cast on my leg, crutches & sprained ribs (ever try walking on crutches when your ribs are sprained---more painful than broken ribs---& your ankle is so fucked up, you cannot place your foot down?). It was his Fiat Spider we were in (100% totaled). Anyway...we pretty much didn't see each other for the 10 years following graduation, & then at the reunion, we found ourselves amazingly attracted to each other (I wasn't attracted to him my senior year). I drove him home that night (his ride---our mutual friend Dia---got minorly injured at the reunion), but nothing happened because he had a live-in girlfriend waiting for him at home. We had dinner a year or so later, about 6 months ago, but nothing happened then, either. I kinda felt like I threw myself at him, but he swears I didn't. He said, "There was definitely some mutual flirtation going on." Then he invited me over for a slumber party Saturday night. We went out to dinner & then watched "Cast Away" on DVD, & then jumped in bed in our jammies. Well, those didn't stay on long. ;-� It was weird, cause this is someone I knew at 17 years old! (He is also Carson Daly's cousin. I have a picture of Eric & Carson when they were about 12 or so. Funny.) Anyway, we got our groove on...and my coochie is only now starting to not hurt anymore....long story. But we had fun, & then I had to go to work early Sunday
morning. You always hear that a man doesn't care about anything but sex if he avoids eye contact while making whoopee....but Eric & I made lots of eye contact, & he even usually instigated the kissing. Of course, that might not be based so much on a romantic interest as much as how long we have known each other & how comfortable we are together.

Sunday, we fooled around some more, & then I had to get in the shower & leave for work. We had rehearsal for our new show all day, & since Erin---the only other singer---couldn't be there, I had to do EVERY run-through, which means I did the damn show like 102 times, one after the other! I was exhausted, especially since I didn't get hardly any sleep Friday night, & very little Saturday night...and literally, my coochie ACHED all day, & my butt & back were sore. ;-� On my way home from work, it rained, so I got stuck in traffic for an hour or more back to my house. Reggie was late due to the same traffic, but he finally got there & we went to Vitello's (it's a yummy Italian food place, the one where Robert Blake's wife was killed). We sat in the opera room. They have "Opera Night" on Wed, Fri, Sat, & Sun, in the back room, & it's kinda like live karaoke. There is a piano player, & everyone brings music they want to sing, opera or showtunes. I took some music, but really wanted to sing something with Reggie, but he wasn't that familiar with anything I had ("Les Miserables" & "Phantom of the Opera"). I really
wasn't feeling well, but the piano player specifically came over to ask if I was going to sing. I told her I didn't know. She encouraged me to do so. But by this time, I was flushed, shaky, & my stomach hurt (don't know why). But I finally decided to get up & sing "On My Own," & I was SOOO nervous. I did okay considering how nervous I was....I was only a little shaky on the higher belt notes (a product of nerves). When I was done, everyone gave me a standing "o!" No one had stood up for anyone else! The man behind me, who is a regular & has an AWESOME voice, came up & told me what a beautiful voice I have, & that I should come to opera night regularly, to get over my nerves. I will try to go as much as I can, but I believe you have to eat, & they are kinda pricey. It would be nice to get over my nervousness singing in front of people.

Monday, I met a guy named Eric (a different Eric, not the one from high school) for dinner at Killer Shrimp. He's 26, 6'5, & cute, cuter than his pic. I really liked him a lot, & I strongly suspect it's mutual. Of course, with men, you never really know. I have had guys leave acting like they were very interested in seeing me again, & then I never heard from them again. So you just really never know. I did get an email from him the day after our date, & almost every day since. He definitely said he wants to see me again. Of all the ones I had met so far, he was far & away my fave, & we were instantly comfortable with each other & had plenty of chemistry. We stayed in the parking lot, in my truck, talking for a long time. It was 12:30AM before I finally left. We kissed each other goodbye a few times...just soft, gentle kisses, nothing hot & heavy. He caressed my hair & face a lot. :-) I got to sleep around 2AM, & had to get up at 5:30AM for work on the TV show!

Tuesday, I was a walking zombie on the set. I was standing in for a girl with Down's Syndrome (the one that played Corky's girlfriend on "Life Goes On." Her mother thought we could be sisters.) But it was a fun day, & I made it through. The lead guy, Jon Hamm, is gorgeous & was very nice. He asked me my name, & when I told him my first name, he wanted to know my last name, too. What a hottie. That night, I had plans to see "Mothman" with another guy, Paul. Luckily, I got excused from the set early enough to go home (the set was 5 minutes or less from my house!) & take an almost 2 hour nap. That was nice. So I drive to the movie theatre to meet Paul. He shows up, & loses points for being unobservant. He recognized me right away & waved, but went to park, & somehow missed the HUGE sign that says, "Cinema Parking, this way" so drove around the block & asked me where to park (out his car window). He was not as cute as his picture, in fact, I am not sure I would have recognized him. I also found it annoying that he kept talking to me during the movie, like, "How do you like the movie so far?" I don't mind some conversation about the movie during the movie, but not a dumb question like that 15 minutes into the movie. Anyway...I felt zero chemistry with him. He might have been out of the question from the get-go, when he sent me an email right before we were supposed to meet the first time, that said, "You aren't more than 15 pounds overweight are you? Because I am attracted to skinny, athletic girls." I think he lost points there. Not because of his honesty, & not because he's attracted to skinny girls (Lord knows I believe you are attracted to what you are attracted to!), but because he waited so long to drop that info. We had been talking for some time, & it seems that would have been something that came out early on. Anyway, we might go skiing together in March, but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't see him again at all. I think he kinda dug me (how shocking, since I am not skinny), so I don't know how to get out of that one.

Yesterday---Wednesday---I went down to meet Alicia at my original Orange County storage facility. I am trying to get rid of enough stuff that I can combine my storage facilities, to get rid of one (I have 2). Alicia & I worked HARD for 5 hours (my back is unbelievably sore today), & I got rid of at least half of it. I am giving that half to charity, & threw a lot away. I found the box of my baby albums & stuff, & some old reels of my sister & I as babies (sending to my dad, since I have no way to listen to them), & Mom's wedding dress, old videos of me (doing "Snow White" & "Best Xmas Pageant Ever" at B'ham Children's Theatre when I was 15/16, & from USIU.....seeing me at 15 is cracking me up....my singing wasn't so great & my acting was lame....I've come a long way, baby!). It was really cool to come across some great stuff I'd forgotten about. For me to get rid of half of what was in there (probably more) is amazing, for me, champion pack-rat. I had planned to leave OC around 3 at the latest, to get back to meet Daniel, another new guy from the net, for "Lord of the Rings." But I didn't end up leaving until 5:30 (I just wanted to go through every box & get everything done), got stuck in traffic for 2 hours, got home around 7, & discovered that
Daniel had sent me an email wanting to meet at 6:45 at Mann's Chinese Theatre. Oooops! Luckily, he had left me his cell #, so I called, & apologized & explained. So we decided to go to the movie closer to me, at 9:15. He showed up, cute, but scruffy. He was wearing a flannel & a beanie (it's butt-ass cold out here at night right now, some nights getting
down to 38 degrees or so where I am! Crazy!). But he has an adorable smile, & a great laid-back personality. The movie was great, but very long
(that Elijah Wood---who I actually met many, many years ago, & he told me I had beautiful eyes, as if he doesn't, is ADORABLE, & I simply loved that Orlando Bloom, who played Lochalas, or whatever), & by the end, we were holding hands, with our arms wrapped around each other. He would occasionally lay his head on my shoulder. Daniel talked during the movie, too, & while I wished he would use his "inside voice," it didn't annoy me as much as it did when Paul did it. He took me home, gave me a hug, & told me to call him. Of all the guys I have met, I liked Eric & Daniel the most, & they are very different. I will have to see them both more to see which one becomes the front runner, if either. I like Eric---the Eric from high school---a lot, too, but he's WAY too much of a workaholic for my liking. He hardly ever socializes with anyone, has very few friends he ever sees, because he's ALWAYS working. Besides putting well over 40+ hours during the week, he also goes into work on Sat/Sun, too. I don't have patience to put up with someone who spends that much time with work. We get along great, have great compatibility, but he's just too busy right now. I don't know if we will hang out again, have kinda a "friends with benefits" kind of relationship, or what. I guess time will tell. But so far, I am really liking the other Eric & Daniel, anyway.

It's really too early to speculate, but what if I end up really liking BOTH of these guys, equally? That would suck!

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