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OK...so color me confused. I called/emailed Daniel to ask him to go to the Magic Castle with me & my friends on Saturday.....I did both, because I needed to know before 5, & since he was working, I wasn't sure if he'd check his email before 5. Surprisingly, I have yet to hear back from him.

Hmmm....I find that odd. He certainly expressed his interest. I mean, HE wrapped his arm around my arm & held MY hand....not the other way around. HE cuddled up to me, laid his head on my shoulder....not the other way around. There are better ways to inform someone that you are NOT interested, if indeed you are not. I honestly have no idea...but I find it odd.
Men are odd. Very odd. I just don't see the drawback in (a) admitting you are interested, & (b) doing so right away. If someone is going to run away in fear because you display interest right away, they are either not interested or scared of a relationship, period. I dream of a man who will be direct & honest...and not be a pussy when it comes to admitting his feelings...whatever they may be.

I will see what happens tomorrow. If I don't hear from him via phone or email by tomorrow, I will probably have to write him off. Does that seem too soon? Perhaps. But I have zero patience, & zero interest in playing mind games. Even Eric....after being enthusiastically interested the night we met, & emailing me several times after that, his interest seems to have dwindled, too. Go figure. And Freiler....well, I never hear nor expect to hear back from him.

THIS is what I dislike about dating.


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