Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,


I got a wonderful phone call this morning, but I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up yet....riiiiiiiight. ;-

My ex from many, many, many years ago called me this morning. We have been talking over email & occasionally the phone for a long time now. I tracked him down at Xmas, & we have kept in touch ever since. I guess I really can't call him an ex, it's not like we really dated.

He was the drummer of a very successful local band in my hometown, when I was in high school. He was about 24, I was 16. The bars used to let me sneak in to watch the band, or I would go in the bars when they closed. We stayed at a hotel together once....but didn't have sex (I was a virgin). I knew that he really liked me....but I am sure he was a bit scared off by my age (although I was always more mature than my age).

Well, I just found out that he is planning on coming out here next week! It's far from definite, but he really wants to. It would be wonderful to see him again, I haven't seen him since I was 16-17 years old! Wow!

I will write more about it later, I have to meet a lunch date...

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