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Found a mobile home I liked today....but it was a lot of money.

I really liked the outer color scheme....bright, but definitely me. It's painted with two dull (dull as opposed to neon, not dull as in ugly) tones of pink, with a teal trim. I love teal, & I love pink. It definitely doesn't look like the standard, boring white mobile home.

What's funny is....I think some of these double wide mobile homes are actually LARGER than some regular houses you see, for twice the money. It's just that mobile homes have such a bed rep.

This home had 4BD. Of course, while the master bedroom was a decent size (not much bigger than what I have now, though), the other 3 BDs were tiny. Large enough for a twiz sized bed, a dresser or two..a side table, maybe. I could actually rent out a room or two to friends of mine....two friends have already expressed interest in that. I could charge them $100-200/mo. plus utilities. And when I got to a point where I didn't need to $$ help, I could ask them to move out. I would prefer to be alone, but it would be nice to have friends around for a while, & help with rent. On top of the purchase of the home, you still have to pay $600 space rental. But at least you own the home, & it's not money down the drain. This home has a small but nice fenced in yard. It was built in 1998, & hasn't been moved. It has a woodburning fireplace, which is way nice. There would definitely be room in the backyard for my jacuzzi & maybe a small blow-up pool in the summer. I could definitely get a grill...but I don't know how many friends would visit me this far out! This house is out in Canyon Country, so it's a good 15-30 minutes past where I am now. It has a very nice sized master bath, with a separate shower stall & a round tub. It has a big laundry room, & a storage shed that matches the house paint. But there's no way she is gonna get the price she's asking for....mobile homes depreciate, which is one big drawback of them. You cannot get back what you spent on one....you will lose money in the re-sale. She apparently spent $79K or so on this home, & expects to get all that back (for a 4 year old home) plus closing/listing costs, etc. Riiiight. Mobile homes depreciate like cars....I bought a '98 Beetle for $20K, & just got $11500 for it. That's quite a depreciation, & mobile homes depreciate more, because they are harder & costlier to fix. So she is sadly mistaken if she thinks she will get that amount. Even the real estate agent, Jackie, agrees that she probably won't get that amount. She can ask whatever she wants...doesn't mean she will get it. I am sure my dad could talk them down. It was a nice home that I wouldn't mind living in.

But I don't enjoy even just the thought of physically moving, as I have stated before. Plus, I need to sit down & concentrate on a list of pros & cons.

I saw 2 other homes today...but didn't like either as much. One was in the same park, which was nice compare to others I have seen, but smaller (3BD). The master BD was about the same size, with a bad floor squeak. The master bath was a lot smaller. The 2 other bedrooms were bigger than the 3 others in the bigger home. The carpet was more worn, the home is older ('92). The home had a small backyard, but no fencing & a sharp drop-off. It has a TINY jacuzzi...I find it hard to believe that it would even hold two adults! It was considerably less money ($60K), but I just don't think it was as nice. I also saw a 2BD home in a park that wasn't as nice. The above park wasn't as packed in, there was a little more space between homes, a little more yard. In the others I have seen, the homes tend to be packed in like sardines. I can't stand that. The one in this second park...the home itself was nice, & the complex did have a pool (the other doesn't). It was small, though...but well taken care of (it was built in '89). The husband/father had custom-built the wooden porch & wooden fence...and they were nice. He does nice work. But I think the home was just too small for me (it was shorter than the others) & I didn't care for the park. It was only $47K.

I emailed my dad all about them...since, ultimately, everything is up to him. We'll see what he says/thinks.

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